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Barcelona hotels reinforce their commitment to the drought

The Gremi d’Hotels of Barcelona has recognized that the serious drought emergency situation that Catalonia suffers “generates a major concern in the sector, both in the environmental and social as well as sectoral aspects.” In any case, remember that “we are a strongly conscious and committed destiny with this reality and we are ready to address it, fostering a sustainable tourism activity”.

The hoteliers of Barcelona have also stressed that “Catalan society is, once again, facing a unknown scenario that will involve having to deal with anomalous circumstances which, without a doubt, will require notable efforts.” Circumstances to which the sector, “with its resilience and empathy “which has been demonstrated in the face of different critical situations in recent years, it dedicates all its efforts to adapt.”

Hotels in Barcelona have committed to matching efforts in water consumption to what is requested of the general population. Image generated with AI. Source: Adobe Stock.

The sector has also announced that it will “focus its efforts on guarantee the services your clients need, constructively addressing existing needs and possibilities with the relevant administrations.” Along these same lines, he has expressed his support and joint work with the Government “in the management of this emergency situationthrough a serious, responsible, constructive and fully realistic dialogue, at the height of the urgency that is being addressed.”

Finally, the Gremi concludes its statement by “thanking and recognizing the Government’s efforts for the planned aid to the sector for projects aimed at reducing water consumption, which will allow continuity and promote the measures that hotel establishments have been applying for years and will promote the achievement of the objectives that we have set for ourselves within the framework of the National commitment to sustainable tourism”.

News related to the measures adopted to alleviate this exceptional situation:

– Catalonia will give direct aid to tourism to improve water management

– The occupancy of Barcelona hotels is in danger due to the drought

– 25,000-liter tanker trucks will carry seawater to camping pools

– Drought emergency: restrictions will be decreed in Catalonia

– Catalonia will prohibit filling swimming pools in hotels and campsites due to the drought

– Moratorium for new hotels in Catalonia due to the drought

Source: Hosteltur



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