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Catalonia will give direct aid to tourism to improve water management

The Minister of Business and Work, Roger Torrenthas announced that the Government is working on the creation of a subsidy line aimed at tourist establishments to execute water management improvement works.

Torrent has indicated that the Government is working to “sensitize” the tourism sector and visitors to reduce water consumption with awareness campaignsin addition to contributing to the transformation of the production model to adapt to the new reality under sustainability criteria.

Roger Torrent, Minister of Business and Work. Source: Generalitat of Catalonia.

In this sense, he has announced that The Government is already “working with the sector and soon we will be able to explain the details of this support,” indicated Torrent, who highlighted the collaboration and coordination with the different agents in the sector.

The councilor also recalled that the Government already called a meeting a few months ago aid line endowed with 40 million euros to finance investments in energy rehabilitation projects and improvement of water management.

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Source: Hosteltur



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