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ERE in Marina D’Or: the consultation period ends without agreement

The negotiation on the Employment Regulation File (ERE) in the Marina d’Or tourist complex, in Oropesa (Castellón), presented by the new owner of the complex, Magic World, has ended the consultation period without agreement after a month of negotiations with unions.

The ERE will affect 76 workers from the current workforce and 14 of them could return to areas such as services, surveillance or cogeneration, which will be outsourced, and others could become permanent permanent employees, although more specific data has not yet been offered.

UGT has informed EFE that both the social and business sides have shown good will, until the last moment, to reach a satisfactory agreement.

During the last meeting, both parties have come to propose a series of proposals that the social part has transferred to the staff and which, however, have not been ratified by them.

Both the social side and the business side regret that it was not possible to close the procedure with an agreement, “despite the negotiating efforts for this purpose.”

One of the hotels that make up the Marina d’Or complex. Source: Archive.

Without prejudice to the above, “the two parties will continue working together to make Magic World a successful business project,” they have pointed out, and have avoided giving more information about the conditions in which the workers affected by the ERE will be left.

Source: Hosteltur



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