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Gastronomy, protagonist of experiential transformation in hotels

“The great restaurant revolution is going to come through the hotel world. The hotel has gone from selling rooms to create experiences based on Food and Beverages (F&B)”. This has been assured Eugeni de Diegoowner of Penthouse by Eugeni de Diegoin his speech at HIP 2024. In fact, his company is working “on 48 hotels creating all the performance comparisons, market analysis, and making the different conceptualizations of the gastronomic offer of each of them to provide added value”.

F&B Summit, at HIP 2024. Source: HIP.

Success stories

At the table made up of Alejandro Navarro and Patricio Bescósand moderated by Manuel Bovia del Visocertified senior partner of AIDABE (Ibero-American Association of Food and Beverage Directors) in the F&B Summitthe relationship of the Only You hotel in Valencia with the SLVJ groupwhich highlighted how the powerful brand image of both companies has been a key element in this association, complementing the already excellent gastronomic and accommodation offering of the hotel itself.

Only You Valencia and SLVJ, and their respective customer experiences, are differential and driving forces in the hotel and restaurant scene. But in addition, the creativity of both of them feeds each other, something very important because, being sector leaders, they are frequent targets of plagiarism, as noted in HIP.

Likewise, during the table moderated by Antonio Merinovice-treasurer of AIDABE, in which they have participated Mauro Vaia and Daniel Couto to study the cases of Meliá Hotels International and the Abica Group, the importance of “rationalizing and promoting the F&B operation” has been highlighted, valuing the “profitability of the model and consistency in the partners’ value proposition compared to their own developments.” But it also represents “an opportunity to attract and retain talent”.


Also at the F&B Summit Edwin Sprujitof Conceptional BVhas listed the challenges of restaurant management in the face of “the complex changes that are occurring in an increasingly globalized world: the global dynamics of trends and markets, the importance of sustainability, technology, the new demands of a Generation Z that is gaining prominence, data, intelligence artificial intelligence (AI) and the growing importance of carrying out a multi-channel operation and communication strategy that places to the customer at the center”.

Other news generated at HIP 2024:

– International tourists spent 25% more on gastronomy in 2023

Source: Hosteltur



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