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Hidden Away Hotels changes model in its expansion strategy

Hidden Away Hotels has announced its first international hotel that will open in Lisbon after an investment of more than 22 million euros, as published HOSTELTUR tourism news; in addition to allocating other six millions to the purchase at the end of last year of a building near the Seda Club hotelin Granada, and its subsequent renovation to house 16 luxury suites-apartments. Both will join the five establishments already operationalof which four are owned. However, his co-owner, Carmen Cordón, has confirmed to this newspaper a change of model in its expansion strategy.

The change in its expansion strategy comes hand in hand with the consolidation of the team at the head of Hidden Away Hotelsas its co-owner has highlighted: “We have appointed Jordi Caralt as general director of the Group, a task that he will combine with the management of the Gran Hotel Inglés, at the head of a first class team of professionals, very young and talented”.

The new team at the head of the chain, headed by Jordi Caralt, will be in charge of leading its growth with the management model, as confirmed by Carmen Cordón. Source: Hidden Away Hotels.

A team that, as Carmen Cordón has detailed, “in addition to being the architect of the magnificent Lisbon project, will lead our growth in managementmainly in destinations where we are already leading the luxury boutique hotel market, but also in cities like Valencia or Bilbaoalways within Spain.”

Until now your hotel modelas he explained, “is based on locate unique buildings with an attractive story behind it, to which we provide very high standards of interior design, comfort and designto satisfy a niche demand that I like to call “the customer who discovers silent luxury”.

“We have been able to develop a very unique service model, tailor-made for each client, with a very talented team specialized in creating very special hotel projects from scratch,” according to Carmen Cordón.

In this sense, he has emphasized his “very extensive career in restoration of architectural heritagewe are experts in the analysis of the economic viability of the projects and also in the creation of a concept and its subsequent positioning in the luxury hotel sector for our clientele, which is unique.”

And, as he concluded, “we are leaders in each of the cities where we are present and we want to continue growing. The thing is that until now we only looked buildings owned and now, with the team we have, we are beginning to study projects in which enter as managers or also for rent. We are already seeing a couple of them, although they are not closed yet.”

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Source: Hosteltur



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