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Hotel digital twins deploy their full potential in operations

The digital twins of hotels have gone from being a differential marketing value through the establishment’s direct channel, facilitating the choice of room as we already do with seats on airplanes, to enter into operation, simplifying it and reducing costs. Furthermore, you can no longer only choose a room, but even lounger at the pool or table at the beach bar. The co-founder and CEO of hotelverse, Fermin Carmonahas offered all the details in Fitur.

Hotelverse’s digital twins, as Fermín Carmona has detailed, “have made the leap from the online world to the hotel reception, where the professional can show the facilities to the client and achieve greater upselling. In fact, our figures show a 25% increase in the sale of additional services and 70% more superior rooms. You can also access them in the call centerwhich improves the customer experience and encourages disintermediation”.

The reservation of superior rooms has skyrocketed by 70% when checking in and 30% in telephone sales with the use of the digital twin. In the image, Fermín Carmona. Source: Hotelverse.

With the help of Eisi Soft, they have also applied them to Operative Level of the hotel, so that “they can access them from reception, maids, Management, maintenance department, etc., to be able to see what is happening in their facilities at all times. We put the digital twin in the “guts” of the establishment to improve operations”. In fact, they are already negotiating with several chains to implement the beta model with a trial-error system.

Success story: Radisson Hotel Group

Hotel digital twins deploy their full potential in operations

At Radisson Hotel Group they have exceeded 20% conversion in direct sales thanks to room selection in the digital twin, as confirmed by Raúl Álvarez. Source: Hotelverse.

Raul Alvarez, global digital vice president and head of the Digital Experience Center of Excellence at Radisson Hotel Group, has presented the case of the chain, which has “185 properties – 59 of them in process – with immersive content accessible through mobile, laptop or virtual reality glasses. The 3D models and the possibility of choosing a room are working very well, as well as the use of Generative AI for MICEespecially for events, with drones and interactive experiences, but also in resorts”.

Offering the direct customer this immersive content as a differentiating element has resulted in a 279% increase in the number of clicks, 21% more interactions and increases of between 5% and 10% in the conversion rate; in addition to increasing the time on the page by 60% to exceed three minutes, something highly valued by Google

In this success projectas Álvarez has defined it, “because helps us convertthe next step is to offer a holistic immersive journey to destinationwith the possibility of exploring the city just as you visit the hotel and choose a room to later reserve.”

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Source: Hosteltur



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