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Hotel reservations are confirmed less than 60 days in advance

The volume of reservations for February is close to being exceeded in hotels in the Canary Islands and peninsular destinations in Spain, although in the Balearic Islands it is 26% compared to a year ago in the same month, according to the report prepared by Dingus Data Hotel, based on the information provided by the activity of 1,400 hotels connected to the platform. At this time, hotel reservations are confirmed, in a greater proportion, less than 60 days in advance, of which 25% are made less than a month in advance.

Reservations in hotels in the Balearic Islands

At the moment, the hotels in the Balearic Islands connected to Dingus reach thes 22,002 reserveswhich is 26% less than in the same month last year, while the nights stayed (132,191) are 7% away from equaling those of February 2022.

In Reservations of 3 and 7 nights predominate in the Balearic Islands (65%), followed by those from 8 to 14 nights (15%). Two-night getaways account for 10% and one-night getaways for 7.5%. By room, reservations for couples are close to 60 out of 100, followed by individuals (almost 22%) and groups are behind with 9%.

The most abundant reservation advance ranges from 8 to 60 days (more than half of current reservations), while the predominant long-stay reservation (23% of the total) is 3 to 6 months.

Regarding sales, “the distribution of tour operators and online agencies is very even for February”, reaching 30% in both cases. Dingus highlights that DMCs “gain more importance this month than booking engines (19% compared to 9%)” and the most prominent sales channels are Sidetours, Booking.com and DTS.

Reservations in the Balearic Islands are 26% below February 2023. Source: Unsplash.

Hotel reservations in the Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands, hotel reservations are close to 157,900, just 4% below 2023. However, the nights stayed have already slightly exceeded those of a year ago for the same month, reaching 1,214,536.

As in the Balearic Islands, stays of 3 and 7 nights also predominate, with practically 70% of reservations, followed by those of 8 to 14 nights (21%). Couples are the predominant clients, with 65% of reservations, followed by solo travelers (10.5%) and family groups (7.9%).

Analyzing the Booking Window In hotels in the Canary Islands, almost 50% of reservations are made between 8 and 60 days in advance, although those made between 3 and 6 months in advance exceed 23% of the total.

In this case, the tour operation is the main distribution channel, with 43% of the reservations generated, followed by OTAs that add up to 24% and booking engines with 11%. They stand out in the sale Booking.com, Jet2Holidays and the hotel website

Hotel reservations on the peninsula

The platform also has connected hotels on the peninsula, which have reached 216,097 reservations and are 14% away from equaling February 2023. “The nights stayed are practically equal to those of a year ago, exceeding 1,497. 000”.

One more time, Reservations of 3 to 7 nights predominate (65.8%), following the trend of the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, while those from 8 to 14 nights account for 18%. More than 64% are reservations for couples, and almost 13% are individual reservations.

At the same time, more than half of the reservations for February were confirmed less than 60 days in advance, with more than 23% confirmed less than a month in advance

The distribution of tour operators represents almost 37% of the total and online agencies 28%. Booking.com, booking engines and Jet2Holidays They are the main channels for these hotels.

Source: Hosteltur



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