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Hotels are working on more personalization to be more relevant

In a market as competitive as the hotel market, establishments and chains fight for, as explained Ignacio Ochoavice president of Ecommerce and Digital at Grupo Iberostar, “capture the attention of the potential client with relevance, and to achieve this the key is personalization at the time of purchase, offering more services and gaining loyalty.” But each chain has its strategy in this area, as has been confirmed at the table “From mass production to mass customization”of Hoteltrends Arenaorganized by hotelverse and BeonX.

At Radisson Hotel Group, as detailed by its global digital vice president, Raul Alvarez“we try to connect with the client at a local level, offering our website in 30 languages. We also try to be relevant to the user with activity content; and disruptive, considering how to connect with him to offer him a different way to bookanother type of experience, like the alternative that it offers us hotelverse. The objective is customize your entire shopping itineraryso that, at a total experience level, not everyone has to go through the same steps.”

For its part at Palladium Hotel Group, as highlighted by its corporate director of Direct Sales, Alejandro Lazcanocustomization comes from the brand, how that brand communicates, also depending on which channel (social networks), establishing different itineraries to make the content more relevant for each user. Because depending on brand value that you have created, seeks you.”

From left to right, Alejandro Lazcano, from Palladium Hotel Group; Raúl Álvarez, from Radisson Hotel Group; Ignacio Ochoa, from the Iberostar Group; and the moderator, Juanda Núñez, from Smart Travel News. Source: Hosteltur.

He data use of the user and technologyincreasingly competitive, work in its favor, although the applications of virtual and augmented reality They are much more expensive, as Álvarez has acknowledged. But what is clear is that “artificial intelligence is key to personalizing what you offer to the potential client.”

“The important thing is to connect with the user, because we have an experience for each need, type of client and person, and an algorithm cannot do that; It is what we have to grow the most in,” as Raúl Álvarez has stressed.

Logged traffic due to the disappearance of cookies?

Although “the loss of use of cookies that are not yours Nor does the panorama change that much,” as Ochoa has admitted, the three experts have agreed that the ideal would be, in their own words, “make them log in to be able to browse; “You can get 100% of the traffic to do it if you have credibility and an appropriate value proposition.”

However, as Álvarez has pointed out, “even if you log in, It is the user who will decide if they want you to use their data to personalize their experienceso you have to consider what you can offer to engage him if he doesn’t want to share or personalize it.”

Other news generated at Hoteltrends Arena:

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Ochoa has recommended “a logged in traffic and a CRM connected to the websiteas well as, obviously, elements that you can customizefor example by digitizing the complementary product of third parties, thus facilitating the reservation of restaurants and excursions, in addition to activities at the hotel.”

The client then, as he added, “shows more respect because you teach him things he didn’t know; a ID which for the digital world is very positive. At Iberostar we are also designing a more dreamy type of purchaseto start traveling in the digital world before packing your bags, because the booking process right now is a very lonely path full of anxiety, with constant threats of price increases. And we want to change that.”

Source: Hosteltur



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