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Hotels in Lloret de Mar will buy a desalination plant to fill swimming pools

Hotel companies from Lloret de Mar (Girona) and the City Council of this town are negotiating the purchase of a desalination plant mobile to supply water to tourist establishments and residents, as explained by the president of the Lloret hospitality union, Enric Dotras. Catalonia has declared an emergency situation due to drought in the provinces of Barcelona and Girona, which affects 202 municipalities, and which prohibits the total or partial filling of hotel and campsite pools with water from the supply network.

An investment of 1.5 million euros

Lloret de Mar is one of the main destinations in Catalonia, with thousands of visitors in summer, and the intention of the hoteliers is to cFollow the mobile desalination plant in May.

The investment necessary to buy the desalination plant, the size of a large trailer, is currently being negotiated by the tourism entrepreneurs together with the City Council, although Dotras advocates that they be the first to face the initial payment to speed up the procedures.

The president of the Lloret de Mar hoteliers also highlights that the 50 cubic meters of seawater that can be treated every hour would also be for the consumption of the neighbors.

An image of Lloret de Mar. Source: Adobe Stock

The purchase of the desalination plant amounts to approximately 1.5 million euros, according to the budgets managed and everything would be pending the signing of the purchase contract and the transfer of payment.

The machine, a kind of truck with a mobile tank, It would be installed on one side of the Lloret de Mar promenade to treat all the water from the sea there.

The initiative would guarantee tourist establishments the supply they need in the summer season and would be a response to criticism of the sector for consumption in times of drought when the peak of visitors arrives.

Concern among Barcelona hoteliers about water restrictions

Meanwhile, the Gremi d’Hotels of Barcelona has recognized that the serious emergency situation due to drought that Catalonia is suffering “generates great concern in the sector, both on the environmental and social as well as sectoral aspects.”

  • The occupancy of Barcelona hotels is in danger due to the drought
  • Barcelona hotels reinforce their commitment to the drought

Campsites choose to bring sea water in vats

For its part, the Catalan Camping Federation plans to fill the campsite pools with sea water, which will be transported – from marinas – in 25,000-litre tanker trucks.

“A very important part of our tourism product, of the experience we offer, is the water area. We cannot be without it. For this reason we have had to come up with a series of solutions, for example filling the campsite pools with sea ​​water,” explains Miquel Gotanegrapresident of the Catalan Camping Federation.

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