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HR management in hotels is transformed to attract and retain talent

The chains have realized that after the pandemic they have been very busy getting back on their feet and They haven’t paid enough attention to their teams, who were very touched by what they had experienced. This is what hotel companies like Only You Hotels and accommodation companies like Puro Group and SmartRental Groupwho have set to work to alleviate this problem by focusing on the well-being of your staffas they have explained at the table about “Customer experience and marketing”celebrated in Hotel Trends inside the program “Wow Hospitality”organized by Toni MascaroCEO of eMascaró, at HIP 2024.

For Only You, as detailed by the corporate director of Sales and Marketing for luxury and lifestyle brands of Palladium Hotel Group, Alfonso Pérez, “the “you” has always been the customer as a company customer centric that we are, but it is also our staff. In fact, last year we allocated significant investments to take care of our teams, because they are the basis of our project, the most important thing, and we cannot fail them. And we are on the right track, since there were people who left and are returning”.

“For scalability in growth, the basis is the people who believe in the project. Because hospitality is about emotions and that is more important than the technical knowledge they may have,” in the opinion of Alfonso Pérez

In this same line Janine RauenMarketing and Sales Director of Puro Grouphas recognized that also in this area “the industry is changing, and now It is the employees who choose the brand they want to work forin line with their lifestyle and values.”

At Puro Group, as he added, “we work with emotions, so we want employees to feel identified with the brand, but each in their own way. And that also feel the benefits of working with us, for example living the same experiences and sensations that we offer to the client. Because they are the real ones brand ambassadorsthe architects of word-of-mouth.”

From left To the right, Alfondo Pérez, from Only You Hotels; Janine Rauen, of Puro Group; Fernando Rodríguez, from SmartRental Group; and the moderator, Toni Mascaró, from eMascaró. Source: Hosteltur.

Fernando Rodríguezfounding partner of SmartRental Grouphas also stressed that “not only the economic conditions are important, which of course, but also the emotional salary. For us, the most important thing, given our disruptive business model and our startup DNA, is that our people feel identified with the project and have enough autonomy to assume responsibilities and space to create, move, make that task or role your own. The most important thing is to create a consistent and involved team”.

Standardization of processes or more freedom for personnel?

Rodríguez advocates growing with “a very operational, digital, replicable and scalable model; for which it is necessary to take great care of the operational part, with Very defined standardized processes and everything protocolized so that people follow them.”

However in Only You they flee from standardization. In Pérez’s words, “we break the standards, there are no manuals because we don’t want them; we left it in the hands of the peoplewhom we have selected to carry out their work in the company after an initiation process.”

In the Palladium chain “we have well defined the customer journey with the points of contact with the client, the key moments, in which we want them to act according to your personality because we consider that it is more natural, fresher. Since they identify with the brand and have the same lifestyle as the guests, they are part of a non-standardized customer community“We want what everyone has inside to come out, because that is the essence of the brand.”

In the end, as always, virtue lies in the middle ground, as pointed out by Rodríguez, who has opted for “a balance between both visions, with people aligned with a structure for growthbut also with room for action.”

Janine Rauenwith Puro Group as a franchising brand, also considers it “very important to have a very established base of operation, design, structure, etc., to protect the brand, and communicate that basis very clearly of how you want to present your brand; but giving also prominence to the personality of each person who works in the company because they are the ones who generate that connection with the client.”

Create community, the next step in loyalty

Precisely that connection with client It is, as Pérez has indicated, “the best loyalty. The most important thing is that the client feels part of the community because when they return it is because they feel part of the project, that they have connected with the destination, the hotel or the employees.”

Palladium Rewards “has been important in the growth of the company, but the direct interlocution with customers in all phases of the sales funnel and creation of that community “They have translated into a direct sale that in some hotels exceeds 50%, with between 40% and 50% on average.”

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In the Puro Beach CommunityAs Rauen explained, “we have a lot repeater client who enjoys the experience of creating their own version of the Puro Beach lifestyle. He direct offline contact It is what creates the differential user experience. Now we are giving a twist to our loyalty program, which goes beyond points and discounts.”

Within SmartRental, “in the offer of short stay accommodation It is key that things happen in establishments to offer customers that differential offer, such as holding cultural events, exhibitions, etc., that attract customers. And in the most part residentialthe existence of a community is fundamental, for which we also organize events.”

Source: Hosteltur



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