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Key role of tourism companies in fire prevention

The local project Regenerate Natura has started walking in Ibiza with his first forestry actionsponsored by the Six Senses Ibiza hotel, which will last until 2025. And, as its coordinator has highlighted, Clara Cano“we want inspire and motivate the tourism companywho lives mainly off the natural beauty of the island, invest in your own destiny”. In fact, they have already started in the first phase restoring a plot of almost eight hectares in Cala Xarracain which they have created firefighting strips, cleared forest mass and repopulated more than 4,000 species of juniper and juniper; a pioneering initiative in an area that suffered a very serious fire in 2009 that affected 34 hectares.

The Six Senses Ibiza hotel team has participated in the repopulation of a forest land in Cala Xarraca, in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, within this forest regeneration project. Source: Regenera Natura.

This first performance, on which they have been working for two years, has a expert team in sustainability, forestry engineering and biology which, in a complementary manner, is carrying out analyzes and studies with various biodiversity indicators such as soil quality and an inventory of plant species, to measure the evolution and impact of the action.

“With 29,913 hectares of forests, the forest areas of the Balearic Islands are a great treasure that we must all take care of, not only to prevent fires, but to stop the constant loss of biodiversity in our territory,” as claimed by Regenera Natura.

To this end, the environmental project develops, as explained by its promoter, Clara Cano, forestry engineering plans reduction of abandoned mass in degraded or especially dense areas to, subsequently, repopulate the forests recovering native species and thus creating new mixed forests.

“The increase in average temperature that we are already suffering in the Balearic Archipelago and the abandonment of forests make us especially vulnerable. What’s more, these factors increase the probability of suffering a fire by 67%,” according to Clara Cano.

Sponsored by the Six Senses Ibiza Sustainability Fund

Regenera Natura’s Cala Xarraca forestry action was selected last year by the Six Senses Ibiza Sustainability Funda non-profit project created in 2021 to contribute, with its own funds, to the preservation of the natural environment and sustainable island development. Through the sustainability fund, Six Senses Ibiza finances 100% of the performancepromoted by Regenera Studio and in collaboration with public institutions.

“Seeing first-hand the progress and impact of this project is really gratifying for us,” as recognized by Marta Cardoso, Director of Regional Sustainability at Six Senses. “In addition, the teambuilding activity has allowed us to convey to part of our team the importance of taking care of our forests as a vital ecosystem for Ibiza”

Pioneering project in the Balearic Islands to invest in natural heritage

The project, which has more performances available to be sponsoredworks collaborating with institutions and private property, given that “more than 90% of forest land is private, which leads to a general abandonment of our forests,” according to the coordinator. “Therefore, we work from a collaborative approach that unites private companies, institutions and owners of forest lands.”

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As to future lines of actionRegenera Natura is implementing a inclusive environmental education which seeks to promote environmental awareness and highlight the skills of people with disabilities, training them to become agents of social change. His idea, as Cano has stressed, “is to develop a educational awareness program for schools in Ibiza and Formentera. The reality is that we are gradually consolidating the project so that in the short term it can also have a Social impact in our territory.”

What role can tourism companies play in fire prevention?

With the replanting of more than 4,000 native plants, the first phase of this forestry action has been completed, which will continue in the coming months with the analysis of bioindicators to analyze their evolution and carry out a replacement in November. Source: Regenera Natura.

Additionally, and thanks to the collaboration with a company specialized in artificial intelligence, they are collecting historical data on forest fires in the Pitiusas Islands to develop, through technological innovation, a possible medium-term forecast of the fires in Ibiza and Formentera. This project, as admitted by its coordinator, “which was initially conceived for the capture and compensation of CO2, has evolved a lot in these two years.”

“All our actions have an ecological basis that guarantees a forestry intervention based on good environmental practices and developed according to the needs of the land to be restored,” concluded Clara Cano.

What role can tourism companies play in fire prevention?

High temperatures and the level of rainfall will be decisive in analyzing the successful results of the forestry action undertaken, according to the project engineers. Source: Regenera Natura.

Source: Hosteltur



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