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Luxury hotel boom in Malaga

The good tourist moment that Malaga is experiencing in recent years attracts new investors who are betting on luxury hotels in the capital of the Costa del Sol, as proven by the future establishments in the old post officeowned by an Israeli fund, and in the Ink Palacewhich Grupo Hotusa will manage under its brand Golden; as well as two newly built 5 stars in port and the future Me by Meliá. All with the same purpose: reinforce its attractiveness for tourists with high purchasing power that generates a greater return in the destination.

The Post Office Hotel

The report prepared by the consultant Geomarket for the owner of the property, the fund of Israeli origin Nitsba Spainconfirms the relevance of the operation, with an expected investment of 90 million euros in the transformation of the iconic building to house a minimum of 200 rooms and a shopping gallery with luxury brands. With these facilities it aims to attract a tourist with high purchasing powerlong stays and higher average spending.

The Correos hotel, in this 1980 building, wants to become “a benchmark for luxury tourism in the city, the province and the region and an icon of 21st century Malaga.” Source: Wikipedia.

Until now, the project was pending agreement with the Malaga City Council, which seems closer than ever, with only the written ratification of the change of use from equipment to accommodation and close the exchange of land or buildings with which the developer must compensate the city.

In this way the property, acquired in 2019 by the Israeli fund from the Junta de Andalucía for 23 million euros, will become a 5-star hotel that will also occupy a three-story annex building to house those 200 rooms. This capacity is a key condition to attract the interest of large international chains such as Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-la or Ritz Carlton. Malaga’s hotel offering would thus take a leap in quality to position itself in competitive luxury tourism.

Torre del Puerto Hotel

Another hotel that wants to become, according to Port Authority sources, “the new visual icon of the maritime panorama of Malaga” is the future 5-star Grand Luxury located on the Levante Dock platform, recently created for the renovation of the port area, between the cruise ship station and the Mediterranean Club marina.

Luxury hotel boom in Malaga

The future Torre del Puerto hotel aims to become “the new visual icon of the maritime panorama of Malaga”, according to the Port Authority. Source: Estudio Seguí, authors of the project.

In their 135 meters high will be distributed 35 plants -one of them, towards the middle of the property, for technical installations-: the ground floor will house the breakfast room, an events room and a garden area with a large infinity pool; in addition to an auditorium for conferences; a casino and a commercial area with shops and hospitality.

The last one will house a high-end restaurant with panoramic views and open to the public; as well as a bar and a health and beauty center. A photovoltaic installation will be placed above it to reduce energy costs, and an underground parking lot will be opened beneath the entire complex.

More information about this project at:

– The construction of the Torre del Puerto Hotel in Malaga is approved, after 7 years

Me by Meliá

Although Meliá was initially scheduled to open its first ME hotel in Malaga this year, according to what was published HOSTELTUR tourism news, it will finally be in June 2025 when it starts its activity. The construction, which is progressing at a good pace, is carried out by the company Kerad EBintegrated into the investment group of Gerard Piqué.

Luxury hotel boom in Malaga

With 128 rooms, a convention center and a rooftop with a pool and bar, the executive project and construction management are carried out by the Domingo Corpas architecture studio, while the conceptual design has been prepared by ASAH (Álvaro Sans Hotel Architecture). Source: Meliá.

Palacio de la Tinta, future Áurea hotel of Grupo Hotusa

The Ink Palaceformer headquarters of the regional Administration, will become another 5 star in 2026, in this case from the Grupo Hotusa’s Áurea brandafter an investment of 30 million euros financed by the Impacto Andalucía Urban Development Fund, with the management of Arcane Capital (€30 million of financing for the conversion of the Palacio de la Tinta into a hotel).

Luxury hotel boom in Malaga

The Palacio de la Tinta was acquired by the Hotusa Group for 21 million euros at a public auction by the Junta de Andalucía in February 2020. Source: Wikipedia.

This urban development project, as the investment fund has stressed, “is of special importance for the city of Malaga and its surroundings”, since the works “will make this building a reference in southern Europewhich will undoubtedly cause the generation of new jobs both direct and indirect.

More information about the project:

– Eurostars will begin construction of the Áurea Palacio de la Tinta

– Hotusa continues to invest with a strong commitment to emblematic buildings

Source: Hosteltur



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