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Luxury lifestyle hotels: innovative strategies in talent management

Luxury hotels have no problems attracting talent, although it is also true that wow effects They not only reserve them for their clients, but they also design them to surprise their staff. These are some of the conclusions of the table on “Wow luxury experiences” celebrated in Hotel Trendswithin the framework of HIP 2024. They have participated Friedrich von Schönburg, general manager of Rosewood Villa Magna; Jordi Caralt, general director of Hidden Away Hotels; Alejandro Bernabé, regional vice president and general director of the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid; and Nayra Gonzalez, director of Bless Madrid; with Toni MascaroCEO of eMascaró, as moderator.

Friedich von Schönburg bet in this sense on “empower our associates so that they can do what we like to do most, with passion, with freedom, to pay attention to the small details, which are what they touch the client emotionally. To do this you must have a team that puts these into practice. wow experiencesin addition to highlighting local products the destination where we are located, so that everything the client sees and touches relates to the place where they are, perceiving different things depending on where they are.”

From left To the right, the moderator, Toni Mascaró, CEO of eMascaró; Friedich von Schönburg, director of the Rosewood Villa Magna; Jordi Caralt, director of Hidden Away Hotels; Alejandro Bernabé, director of the Four Seasons Hotel Madrid; and Nayra González, director of Bless Madrid. Source: Hosteltur.

The participants at the table have made known their recipes to retain your collaborators and thus preserve them, taking into account that, as Toni Mascaró has stated, “The brand counts as an attraction factor”, from which these luxury chains benefit. So, Jordi Caralt has assured that “the salaries have already gone upalso due to the entry of large high-end international hotel companies in Madridbut to retain them it is necessary improve your quality of workmake them very involved in the day-to-day operations of the hotel and form, form and form”.

In luxury hotels like the Four Seasons Madrid “we have no problems attracting talent because there are many young people eager to work. Among our staff there are 41 nationalities, something that did not happen before and that reflects how there are many people from outside who want to work in Madrid. It is also true that there are some positions that are more difficult to fill, but we are doing things well,” according to its general director, Alejandro Bernabé.

In it Rosewood Villa Magna They advocate offering them “a better balance between work and quality of life. Adapt to it with more flexible schedules so that they better combine their work and personal life is a great challenge for day-to-day operations, but this way we attract that talent that seeks more flexibility. To retain him we make him participant in decision makingtraining and inspiring them how beautiful our industry is.”

For his part in the Bless Madridas its director has detailed, “we work with the family conceptin addition to the Department of Culture and Equipment creating wow moments to surprise collaborators. Because after the pandemic it is no longer just a question of salary, but the staff has to be comfortable, feel comfortable in your workspace. It’s essential. Because this is also a very demanding job, but it is passionalso we must inspire in our people that sense of belongingalign the values ​​of the brand and people so that Working with us is part of your personal commitmentto do what he likes and feel like family.”

New people-centered leadership

And it is that he leadershipAs Nayra González highlighted, “a lot has changed. Before it was more focused on management and profitability, and now obviously we have to continue being profitable, but we have to involve the team, listen to them, care about thembe by your side every day, acting as coach and psychologist at the same time, highlighting and reinforcing it. That union with the team exemplifies it our concept of family, in addition to offering promotion possibilities in other hotels in the chain. All this makes them follow you and bet on you, but you have to know how to listen and be patient”.

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In this he has agreed with Schönburg, who has stressed “the importance of the leader in support, inspire and listen to the team. Before the director was the king, but it has changed a lot because if you continue in that role your people will not follow you. You have to be at your side in the operation watching how they work, talking to them at different levels and departments, showing them that you are there to improve your daily life. More direct work is required with the team and with all department heads; If not, it’s a bad sign.”

Caralt has also pointed out “the need for a lot of communication, but also a lot of transparency, if there are large staff through department heads, to maintain daily and transparent communication”

Source: Hosteltur



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