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Meliá, Barceló and Artiem, among the most sustainable chains in the world

Meliá Hotels International has once again been recognized as one of the hotel companies with best world performance according to the last S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook. The leading agency in financial ratings and market analysis places Meliá in third international place -behind the Thai girls Asset World Corporation and Minor-, being the first company of European origin in the ranking. For its part, Barceló Hotel Group has become the first Spanish chain to obtain recognition from the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) for its sustainability standards; while Artiem has renewed his certification as B Corp company.

The S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook has only included seven of the 61 companies evaluated from all over the world belonging to the hotel, resort and cruise sector. To do this, the companies analyzed must obtain a score that places them at least 15% above the average for their sector. That is, only those companies that demonstrate exceptional performancecompared to others in the same sector, have the opportunity to be part of this recognized group of leaders in sustainable practices.

The evaluation analyzes 26 variables that encompass the three dimensions of the sustainability: environmental, social and governance and economic. Meliá has obtained a total score of 69 points out of 100ahead of the main traditional hotel chains in America and Europe.

Meliá has achieved the best score in the sector in Climate Action and has also stood out in Transparency and reporting, Environmental management system, Human rights and Commitment to its stakeholders. Source: Meliá.

Furthermore, it has achieved the best score in the sector in Climate Action. This achievement, according to company sources, “is the result of the effective implementation of measures that prioritize environmental sustainability in the management model, within our strategic roadmap.” He has also highlighted his performance in aspects such as Transparency and reporting, Environmental management system, Human rights and Commitment to its stakeholdersamong others.

Its president and CEO, Gabriel Escarrer, has been “very proud to once again be recognized as one of the leading hotel companies in sustainability worldwide and we will continue working to innovate and lead the way towards a more responsible tourismwhich contributes to generating wealth in destinations and improves their positive impact on communities.”

GSTC recognition to Barceló

Barceló Hotel Group’s sustainability standards, integrated into its own management system called Being Barcelóhave received the endorsement of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, which means that they have been fully recognized as equivalent to the GSTC Criteria established for the hotel sector.

Meliá and Barceló, among the most sustainable chains in the world

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council has recognized the chain’s sustainability standards, integrated into its Ser Barceló management system, as equivalent to its criteria. Source: Barceló.

Obtaining this recognition confirms, as sources from the chain have highlighted, “Barceló’s firm commitment to the defense of a more regenerative tourismaxis on which its sustainability strategy is based Barceló ReGenmaximizing its positive impact on the economic, social and environmental development of the destinations in which it operates.”

The ESG Barceló ReGen strategy is based on three axes: Glocal, sustainable investment in local communities with global impact; Justo, its social commitment at the core of its activity; Caregiver, care for the well-being and health of people and the planet

For Raúl González, CEO of the chain for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), “the recognition of our standards by the GSTC is a boost to advance in strengthen our sustainability strategy. An ambitious project cultural transformation of the company with the desire to contribute to a fairer development of the local economybetting on the care of the environment and people.”

For your part Randy DurbandCEO of the GSTC, explained that “the application of the four pillars of the GSTC criteria – sustainable management and socioeconomic, cultural and environmental impacts– means that Barceló is adopting a holistic approach to advance in terms of sustainability beyond merely environmental issues, also taking into account the impact on the community and social and cultural issuesimplementing the management and governance structures necessary to pursue continuous improvement.”

Artiem renews as a B Corp company

Certificate renewal B Corp by Artiem reflects, as the company has stated, its “continuous commitment to the positive impact on people and the environmentconsolidating ourselves as standard bearers in the promotion of a more just, equitable and regenerative society”, as it progressed HOSTELTUR tourism news in Artiem, the first European chain to certify its positive impact.

Meliá, Barceló and Artiem, among the most sustainable chains in the world

At Artiem they are proud to have renewed the seal that certifies them as a B Corp company. Source: Artiem.

Artiem’s ​​philosophy is based on profitability as a result of a model focused on caring for people and the environment. Its recertification as a B Corp places it as a “reference in the promoting sustainable business practices at a global level.” Proof of this is that there are only four other certified companies in the sector:

  • Dos Aguas Lodge (Colombia)
  • Legacy Vacation Resorts (Florida, United States)
  • Sawday’s (UK)
  • Come together Wellness, also DBA Akamu Wellness (Hawaii, United States)

Since its foundation in 1974 Artiem has set its purpose, in the words of its founder and CEO, José Guillermo Díaz Montañés, in “inspire people to be happyto those of now and future generations, while maintaining a profitable business model”. Work like this to meet your goal of “to be the best hotels for the world”.

Other sustainability initiatives in the accommodation sector:

– Riu advances in sustainability with its new Proudly Committed strategy

– Pioneering regenerative tourism project in Europe at a campsite in Madrid

– Riu, first hotel company certified by Aenor in Zero Food Waste

– Ilunion Hotels and Women Action Sustainability alliance on sustainability

– Ranking of the 100 most responsible companies in 2023: eight are from the sector

The chain has shown that it is possible and necessary create value for workers, the communities where it is located, the environment and shareholders; aligning with the values ​​of the B Corp movement, which brings together companies and people committed to addressing social inequalities and injustices, as well as the exploitation of natural resources. A movement that “not only inspires, but also provides a clear guide”, although Artiem recognizes that their work in this field is in its beginnings, and they invite everyone to join in this journey towards a better future, where “Positive impact is the engine of innovation and sustainable growth”.

Artiem’s ​​Positive Impact Report for 2022 can be Download by clicking the button below:

Artiem Positive Impact Report 2022

Source: Hosteltur



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