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Mobile World Congress: accommodation price increases by 52%

On February 26th the Mobile World Congress 2024, Barcelona’s main business event, and the price of accommodation has already increased by 52%, according to data from eBooking.com. Occupancy in the Catalan capital and the metropolitan area is already around 90%.

The average stay during the conference dates is 3 days, with Sunday the 27th, just before the event starts, being the day that eBooking.com expects the most check-ins.

The current accommodation rate is 190 euros per night, from February 26 to 29, while the average price to spend the night in Barcelona in 2024 is 125 euros. Although there is already a marked increase, eBooking predicts that rates will increase as the date of the congress approaches.

The Mobile World Congress will bring together more than 95,000 visitors. Source: GSMA.

In 2023, the average cost per night ended up being 312 euros per night, which represented an increase of 227% compared to the average cost of a night in 2023, as published by HOSTELTUR.

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– Triple-digit price increase in Barcelona hotels due to Mobile

“The marked increase in price is explained by the peak in demand for accommodation that occurs in a very few days from attendees of the Mobile World Congress, both national and, above all, international,” he details. Toni Raurich-Marcetdirector of eBooking.com.

Hotel occupancy in the Catalan capital and its metropolitan area is already around 90%. “As already happened before the pandemic, this year we will probably reach almost 100% occupancy, which will force some congressmen to look for accommodation in other nearby municipalities,” says Raurich-Marcet.

The hotel capacity of the city of Barcelona is around 40,000 rooms. It is expected that the congress will bring together more than 95,000 visitors and will generate an economic impact of more than 350 million euros in Barcelona and its area of ​​influence.

Source: Hosteltur



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