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NH is already working with Amazon to control the room by voice with Alexa

NH Hotel Group and Amazon have presented at the NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderón the implementation of Alexa services in 80% of its rooms, in order to improve the customer experience. This project represents the entry into Spain of Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality. Its objective, as explained Albert Creixellresponsible for Alexa Enterprise for the United Kingdom and Spain, focuses on “emulating the experience that the customer already has at home and integrate Alexa with the hotel, with all the services at your disposal.” For Isidoro Martínez, head of Marketing, Communication and Experience at Minor Hotels in Europe and America, “the challenge is power. manage all home automation elements in the room by voice: lights, temperature, hot water, etc.”

Isidoro Martínez has revealed in this sense that the final objective is “to be able totally manage the room by voice, because the technology already exists”; while Albert Creixell has cited some use cases that are already being put into practice in other countries such as USA:

  • “Not only the customer experience is improved but also that of the employeeespecially in the case of housekeepers, who can update the room status in the PMS by voice once they have finished their work, or notify maintenance of any anomaly.
  • We are also working to be able request a late check out from bedwhich opens up a whole world of opportunities in upselling.”
    From left To the right, Albert Creixell, head of Alexa Enterprise for the United Kingdom and Spain; and Isidoro Martínez, responsible for Marketing, Communication and Experience of Minor Hotels in Europe and America. Source: Alexa.

At the moment in Spain, clients of the NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderón can now enjoy Alexa artificial intelligence in their facilities to live more personalized experiences, such as choosing the music in your room, ordering food from room service, or asking for the Wi-Fi password or restaurant recommendations in the area. All with the maximum privacy protection from the user

“It is a blank slate to which use cases can be added, with the double objective of personalizing the customer experience and making the work of staff easier. This Software as a Service (SaaS), which we launched exclusively in Spain with NH as a partner, is open to other chains through a service subscription model,” as detailed by Albert Creixell.

For its part, NH’s vocation, as recognized by Isidoro Martínez, “is always transfer innovation to the 58,000 rooms of our 350 hotelsas is already the case with the Fast Pass and your choice of Choose my room; but everything has its business case and benefits and costs must be assessed. The objective is to achieve a significant improvement in customer perception so that they return more times and are willing to pay more for it to offset costs”.

NH is already working with Amazon to control the room by voice with Alexa

With the implementation of Alexa in the rooms of the NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderón, the aim is to improve the customer experience through personalization. Source: Alexa.

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Source: Hosteltur



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