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NH opens all hotels in a destination to its customers with City Connection

With City Connection NH Hotel Group opens the common areas of all its hotels in a destination to clients staying in any of them, thus offering “our most complete experience to date”, as they emphasize from the chain. This service is now available in 21 cities in Europe and America in establishments of their brands NH, NH Collection and Nhow. In Spain you can enjoy it in your 16 hotels in Madrid, seven in Barcelona, ​​four in Valencia and two in Seville.

NH Hotel Group In this way, it gives its customers access to its network of establishments in these destinations., in order for them to “get the most out of their stay and take advantage of their time. They can rest in our comfortable and spacious lobbies, connect to the Wi-Fi or store their luggage in storage,” according to the same sources.

But they can also enjoy free water and fresh fruit from their “Welcome corner”access your work area or the service Guest Relationsas well as enjoying a 10% discount in its bars and restaurants.

Lobby of the NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which also offers these services. Source: NH Hotel Group.

City Connection services have been developed taking into account the needs of family tourism, so that clients traveling with children can stop along the way to rest, change diapers or prepare bottles without having to return to their hotel; as well as for couples and groups of friendswho can prepare plans for the rest of the day while resting in another establishment in the same chain as the one they are staying at.

But perhaps it is corporate tourists who can enjoy the most advantages with this service, from using the free WIFI from its facilities to the computers in your work arealeave luggage in storage or even keep informal meetings in their lobbies.

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Source: Hosteltur



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