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Occupancy in beach hotels in Mexico reached 66% in 2023

Hotels in Mexico in 2023 increased their occupancy, both in cities and in beach centers, thanks to the increase in the number of national and international tourists. According to data released by the Ministry of Tourism, the average occupancy was 60.1% and Playacar was the destination with the best results.

Miguel Torruco MarquésMexican tourism secretary, detailed that, in the 70 centers monitored by DataTur, the arrival of tourists to hotel rooms was 86.1 million in 2023, of which 63.4 million were nationals and 22.7 million were foreigners. .

Hotels in cities registered 48.5 million tourists, while beach centers received 37.6 million between January and December

Hotel occupancy in Akumal was 81.2%, 3.3% more than in 2022. Source: AdobeStock.

Occupancy in cities was 53.7%, 4.9% more than in 2022, while in hotels located in beach resorts it reached 66.3% /+0.4%).

The highest hotel occupancy from January to December was recorded in Playacar with 84.2%, followed by Akumal with 82.1%, Cabo San Lucas (76.8%), Cancún (75.6%), Nuevo Nayarit (73.6%) and Puerto Vallarta (72%)

Five beach destinations showed a decrease in occupancy in 2023: Cabo San Lucas (-0.3%), Cancún (-0.3%), Puerto Vallarta (-0.4%), Playa del Carmen (-0.9 %) and Ciudad Juárez (-4.4%).

Occupancy in beach hotels in Mexico reaches 66% in 2023

Occupancy ranking in beach destinations. Source: DataTur.

Source: Hosteltur



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