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Pilot project with Booking in the Balearic Islands to stop illegal offers

Representatives of Booking, the Balearic Government and the island councils have met at Fitur 2024 and have agreed to launch a pilot project to stop the growth of the supply of illegal accommodation on the islands.

With this measure, the Government, through the Department of Tourism, Culture and Sports, and Booking want to anticipate the European regulation that will be approved shortly, which provides, among other actions, for the obligation to enable a portal or access code for the competent administrations.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the four island councils, bodies responsible for tourism inspection, who highlighted the importance of public-private collaboration in the fight against illegal offers.

As he explains to OTA, “Booking.com’s proposal, in line with the future Regulation, aims to increase transparency in the field of short-term rental accommodation and help public authorities regulate this increasingly important part While short-term accommodation bookings offer benefits to both hosts and tourists, they may be a cause of concern for some local communities who, for example, face a shortage of affordable housing.

Representatives of Booking and authorities of the Balearic Islands after the meeting held this Thursday at Fitur 2024. Source: Government of the Balearic Islands.

The Balearic Islands thus become a pioneer in the application of this type of project, which plans to expand to other platforms in the near future.

Authorities Portal

“At Booking.com we take our responsibility against illegal content very seriously. As a digital service provider, we are committed to removing content that does not comply with local regulations, such as advertisements for illegal short-term rentals,” commented Pilar Crespo, Head of Booking.com in Spain and Portugal.

For this reason, he adds, “we have created a Authorities Portal so that the competent institutions can point out to us those properties that do not comply with local regulations and, therefore, deregister them. This workshop for the tourism authorities of the different islands is an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and reflect on how to create more scalable operations and ensure a level playing field between all actors involved.”

President Prohens has commented that “the illegal offer represents unfair competition for both hotel accommodation and regulated holiday accommodation; it is detrimental to our quality as a destination and to the image that those who visit us have of us, and only contributes to bring a surplus of tourists without any control”.

“We thank the Government of the Balearic Islands for this opportunity and hope to continue taking significant steps to ensure the rapid implementation of the future European Short Term Rental Regulation and full compliance with the applicable legislation,” added Crespo.

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