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Pioneering regenerative tourism project in Europe at a campsite in Madrid

Monte Holiday Ecotourism achieve with your initiative “MH+Forest”a pioneer in Europe, protect its visitors against forest firesgenerate renewable energy to guarantee your comfort, and improve the natural environment in which its tourist activity takes place.

Monte Holiday Ecotourism is a mountain campsite located at 1,200 meters above sea level in the heart of the Lozoya Valley, the heart of the Sierra Norte of Madridsurrounded by a thick oak forest from which firewood was formerly obtained, cereal was grown and it was a grazing area and hunting reserve.

In the last 50 years these activities have been reduced or abandoned and tree cover has increased to become a closed forest that accumulates a huge amount of biomassor what is the same, fuel.

This fuel is also gaining space in the urban-forest boundarythe border between natural and inhabited territories and that historically housed agricultural and livestock activities that protected citizens from forest fires and forests from human activity.

Explanatory video of the “MH+Bosque” initiative of Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.

With a focus of regenerative tourismMH+Bosque is beginning to reverse this situation with a business model that coevolves with the natural system where it develops, protecting and improving it.

His plan, as highlighted Antonio Gonzalo PérezCEO of Monte Holiday Ecoturismo and technical forestry engineer, “is based on three basic concepts: sustainable forest management adapted to climate change, renewable energy generation with latest generation technology, and biofuel control in the oak forest through Extense livestock farming”.

The selection of the trees that must be preserved and those that must be pruned or removed each year is carried out by the forestry agents and the Environment Department of the Community of Madrid. The work is carried out during the safe season, during the winter, and its objective is reduce the amount of biomass, or forest fuelfacing the summer and improving the general condition of the oak forest.

In winter, the branches and trees indicated by forestry agents are removed so that in summer clients can enjoy the environment safely; some tree remains that are converted into renewable energy after passing through the biomass boiler. Source: Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.

All this biofuel is used in a high-tech biomass boilercapable of providing 500 MWh/year of renewable thermal energy to the Monte Holiday Ecoturismo facilities through an efficient network of pipes more than a kilometer in length.

In this way, as its CEO has concluded, “the visitors of Monte Holiday Ecoturismo will be able to feel proud, because by choosing us for their vacations they will be helping to protect the forest and generate economic activity in rural areas”.

Bet on renewable energies

Monte Holiday Ecotourism began its energy self-sufficiency project 10 years ago with a hybrid system solar energy and biomass which totally reduced its dependence on diesel.

Pioneering regenerative tourism project in Europe at a campsite in Madrid

Aerial view of the Monte Holiday Ecoturismo facilities that house this initiative. Source: Monte Holiday Ecoturismo.

Now, at biomass boiler fed with the material resulting from the sustainable management to preserve the foresta 99 kW plant will be added shortly photovoltaic panels. In sum, kilometer zero energy to prevent forest fires.

The EMAS certificate for 18 years and the recent Bioscore seal guarantee the commitment to the environment by Monte Holiday Ecotourism.

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