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PortAventura World launches its new hotel brand at Fitur 2024

The resort PortAventura World has presented at the Madrid International Tourism Fair, Fitur 2024, a new brand of vacation and family leisure hotels, Ponient Hotels by PortAventura World, which includes the selection of accommodations under management outside the limits of the complex. The new brand has a clear focus on sun and beach tourism that will combine with the entertainment of the PortAventura World resort.

The aim of the new brand is to offer visitors to the Gold Coast an experience that combines the fun of theme parks with the enjoyment of a family or couple vacation. In this sense, stays in establishments under the new banner include tickets for one, two or three days and free transfers to the parks, as well as additional discounts on PortAventura World products.

The choice of namePonient” comes from a nod to the cardinal point “West”, as explained by David García, general director of PortAventura World:

“We want to offer our clients the most complete vacation experience in the “West” and for families and couples who visit us to enjoy a vacation in the purest Mediterranean style.”

The new brand of vacation and family leisure hotels, Ponient Hotels by PortAventura World, will combine stays and visits to the parks (Source: PortAventura World)

He adds that “the key to Ponient Hotels is not only to be very close to the resort, but also to fine sand beaches and other tourist attractions in the area, as well as to key enclaves and infrastructures for entry to tourism in Spain and specifically on the Coast.” “Golden”

With Ponient Hotels by PortAventura World, the company states that it intends help improve the attractiveness of the area’s hotel offeringusing its own knowledge and development capabilities to update the incorporated hotels, following the resort’s ESG criteria, as well as attracting a higher quality tourist segment.

With this business diversification strategy, The company plans to double the number of rooms managed in the coming years, reaching 6,000. At this time, it has nine 4 and 5 star accommodations and more than 3,000 rooms.

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