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Seville and its hotels strengthen collaboration to enhance the destination

The Seville City Council and the Seville Hotel Association (AHS) have signed a collaboration agreement, which establishes bases for the development of joint work that aims to main objective to increase the quality of the city’s tourist servicesas stated by both parties.

In this sense, the Tourism delegate, Angie Moreno, has stated that “the hotels are, along with the Sevillians themselves, the main and most direct hosts that visitors encounter. They are our face and our image and they are a sector of which we are especially proud and of which we want them to always feel our support and outstretched hand. They are perhaps the first and the last to create an image and an experience in tourists, they are for this reason; pure Seville brand.”

For his part, the president of the AHS, Manuel Cornax, values ​​this agreement as “another good example of a great public-private relationship that, through the tourism sector, always seeks to make Seville a more powerful, competitive and quality destination”

The president of the Sevillian hoteliers added that the agreement is in line with the “firm commitment of the hotel sector to take care of the cultural heritage and coexistence with the Sevillians themselves, creating a more sustainable ecosystem and seeking the deseasonalization of the destination with focused projects to summer”

“The purpose of this collaboration agreement, as I have mentioned, establishes the bases for developing joint work in as many matters as are of common interest, with the main activities to be carried out being those that promote and disseminate interests in the tourism sector for Seville. and the increase in quality in tourist services,” Moreno declared.

In this sense, the Tourism delegate has indicated that “among other points, through this Agreement we will work on; disseminate and support the adhesion of tourism companies to the SICTED program, Tourism Quality System in Destination, managed by Contursa, with the aim of increasing the number of tourist establishments concerned with expanding the quality of their services.

Likewise, Moreno added that “through this Agreement, the Seville City Council makes available to tourism companies the Tourism Competitiveness and Quality Area of ​​the Seville City Council. In addition, to promote and promote inter-business relations by presenting the tourist services and heritage resources of the city to the rest of the interested tourist services. Making existing companies aware of other services that may be of interest for the development of their activity.”

“This agreement will promote the organization of ‘Improvement Groups’ of sector companies to analyze the situation of their group and promote improvement actions in the development of their activity and that will be able to develop an annual training program aimed at companies in the sector that improve the tourist services of Seville”, explained Moreno

In addition, the aforementioned Agreement will work on the dissemination of different promotions, both from the Hotel Association campaigns and from Seville Tourism itself. Specifically, in the next few days ‘Madirarte’ will begin, a gastronomic promotion campaign that will be held in several hotels in Seville, where the most classic gastronomy is interspersed with art exhibitions by renowned artists, where the aim is to energize and add value to the tourist offer of Seville through a new cultural experience. They will also work on the dissemination of the summer season and the terraces of Seville as a relevant tourist resource for the city’s hotels, which allows us to give visibility to these unique spaces, which add value to our destination and the hotels in Seville, contributing to the deseasonalization of tourism in the destination or the dissemination of the importance of gastronomy in the hotels of Seville.

With all this, “I think that today is a day to congratulate ourselves for being able to begin to lay the foundations that will help strengthen public-private collaboration, which from the government of José Luis Sanz we are convinced is the way for Seville to prosper and be placed in the place it deserves. And, even more so, in the case of the Seville Hotel Association, which Manuel Cornax so successfully presides over and which is a national reference,” declared the Tourism delegate.

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