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Talent management in the most attractive and differentiated hotel companies

María Frontera, president of the FEHM (Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca) and moderator of the table “Vision CEOs (Rock & Roll)” celebrated in Hoteltrends Arena within the framework of Fitur 2024, he has stressed it from the first moment: “You overflow character, creativity, work capacity, innovation; You are very different profiles, very personal, but you have in common the desire to do and say things, you transmit a lot of yourself through your projects”. For this reason, there was a lot of interest in knowing how they attract and retain talent at Room Mate, OD Group and Concept Hotel Group.

For Marc Rahola, CEO of OD Group, “in our business model the product is the people. For this reason we must be attractive to the people who work with us, whom we call “the crew”so that they participate in the process, with an internal promotion plan.”

In his opinion, “we must continue reinventing ourselves to attract local talent and be able to continue competing”, given the difficulties of finding accommodation for staff in destinations like Ibiza. In fact, he has highlighted the implementation of the new Hospitality School of the island, which was born with the objective of “becoming one of the two or three most powerful due to its level of training, in order to create talent at home”.

From left To the right, Javier Vich, CEO of Summum Hotel Group; Marc Rahola, CEO of OD Group; Kike Sarasola, CEO of Room Mate; Diego Calvo, CEO of Concept Hotel Group; and María Frontera, president of the FEHM, as moderator. Source: FEHM.

For his part, Kike Sarasola, CEO of Room Mate, also considers that “your team, the people, are the most important thing; his joy, his desire to be there at the foot of the canyon. In our company, besides having funalthough we must not lose sight of the fact that the new generations are much more demanding, they can make a career. Proof of this is that eight of the 10 members of the management team started in the house.”

Diego Calvo, CEO of Concept Hotel Group, has also stressed that “revolution underway that comes hand in hand with generational change, calling for rebellion, and which is causing a change in the sector, from the most traditional to new brands, with much better products. There is a hotel industry makeover because the young people who come have different tastes.”

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Source: Hosteltur



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