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Technology applied to hotel entertainment: success story of Riu and Kahoot!

Hotel animation is no longer a summer job, but rather it is an activity that requires professionals and in which attention to details, qualification, good planning and human profile They are fundamental. From the Observatory of Tourist Entertainment point out in their report that “beyond mere entertainment, animation becomes a strategic asset that provides a tangible, brand-aligned value of the establishments and, more importantly, with the guest tastes”. Riu Hotels & Resorts has opted for technology in this area with the help of Kahoot!with optimal results.

The hotel animationas has been emphasized Bernat Quetglasfrom the team Riu Entertainment“it is so important that with the rise of Riu’s expansion in different destinations and the comprehensive renovations of the hotels, its work has changed and has become much more important. When a new hotel opens you have to build a team from scratch with everything it implies: material, budget, selection of animators, head of animation, implementation of activities, training and programming.”

61% of clients acknowledge that before booking they investigate whether the accommodation has this service, according to data from the Tourist Animation Observatory. At Riu 67 of its almost hundred hotels offer their own entertainment programs for guests; a very important service that has to combine perfectly with the rest

Social reality and the world have changed a lot and with it the entertainment programming in hotels, which has been adapting to new times. In this sense, Quetglas has explained how they began to work recording the music for the shows with minidisc and cassette. “Now things have changed a lot, We work with digital equipment and technology has made the work much easier in all fields. Before we made the activity posters by hand; now we see them in the totems of the hotels and in the Riu app”.

Image of a Riu Party, which began to be held in its hotels in Spain last year. Source: Riu.

Another milestone related to technology is the use of Kahoot!the application that allows you to carry out activities in which the client can participate from anywhere in the hotel from your mobile phonethus offering a completely new dimension to traditional hotel entertainment.

And, as the representative of the Riu Entertainment team has detailed, “some time ago we used to organize traditional contests or trivia nights, with paper and pen. Then we stopped it because it was too slow and silent: customers were not engaged. With Kahoot! we have revitalized the concept with a fresher, more modern feel; It is more dynamic and fun.”

Also, he added, “it is perfect for keep guests entertained while they wait for the show to start, since some occupy their seats up to an hour in advance. With Kahoot! They can enjoy a cocktail or coffee while joining fun games on an 18 square meter LED screen on stage and prepare for the show. In this way we extend the entire experience.”

In just a year and a half, 600,000 live Kahoots have been played at Riu hotels, connecting up to 2,000 players at the same time in the same game.

In the opinion of Eilert HanoaCEO of Kahoot!“its implementation changes entertainment in the sector by connecting customer and hotel moresince Riu and other chains are innovating to adapt to the technologies that your customers use. This also allows the people who are in their facilities not only to have fun during the day, but also to liven up the moments during other events.”

Riu continues using Kahoot! in all its destinations, from the Maldives to Los Cabos in Mexico

Workers can thus combine technology with your live eventsby keeping customers’ attention on what’s happening during live concerts, theme parties and other events, as winners get a prize at the end of the game.

Innovation also for internal training

Riu also uses Kahoot! for some internal formations, especially for actions of team building and to train new staff in 34 locations worldwide. In fact, there are more than 10,000 Kahoot! assigned to employees.

Other Riu commitments to innovation:

– Riu relies on hotel staff to create a task management app

– Riu Class is renewed and now reaches 5 million members

– Google rewards Riu for its use of artificial intelligence in marketing

– H2Otel project with 11 hotels in the Balearic Islands to reduce water consumption

– The Riu Party arrives in Spain

– The Riu Plaza España launches its event spaces in the metaverse

– Digital coaching at Riu for its most senior managers

Source: Hosteltur



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