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The 10 trends that will mark the way we travel this year

Eurostars Hotel Company has analyzed the 10 trends that will mark the way we travel this year: from deseasonalization to combine work and pleasureincluding incorporating the often mentioned artificial intelligence into our trips.

  1. “Bleisure”, the combination of work and pleasure

    More and more travelers are taking advantage of their business trips to add leisure experiences, extending their stay to explore the destination. This fusion of the professional and the personal reflects a search for balance and maximizing experiences during work trips.

  2. New groups pack their bags

    The older population and young people they gain prominence. On the one hand, the chain observes an increase in the interest of the senior group in travel, as they have more resources, time and desire to explore destinations and add experiences. On the other hand, young people consolidate tourism as one of their vital objectives and part of their personal development, with an exploratory mentality.

  3. The new urban tourists

    At Eurostars Hotel Company they appreciate a boom in urban tourism of a cultural nature, with travelers seeking to delve into the richness of the destination. This approach not only involves visiting monuments and museums, but also immersing yourself in the authenticity of local life. From participating in events to sampling cuisine, this type of tourism offers an enriching experience that goes beyond the traditional aspects of travel, allowing travelers to increase their knowledge of the world and appreciate its diversity. Ease smoother interactions It contributes to comfort, becoming an indispensable tool.

  4. Conscious and responsible travel

    Framed in the new travel trends for 2024, sustainability stands as a key factor for conscious travelers. The search for options that minimize the environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of local communities will be a constant priority, as well as the preference towards less crowded destinations. This change in focus reflects a greater awareness and commitment to more responsible travel practices and authentic experiences.

    The demand for destinations and programs for relaxation, physical activity and healthy eating is on the rise this year. In the image, the spa of the Eurostars Gran Hotel La Toja. Source: Eurostars.

  5. Healthier, happier: rise of wellness tourism

    Health and wellness tourism becomes even more important. The hotel industry perceives an increase in demand for destinations and programs that promote relaxation, physical activity and healthy eating. People search experiences that contribute to your general well-being. This approach reflects the growing awareness of the importance of maintaining health while enjoying travel experiences.

  6. We expand our list of desired destinations

    Budapest is the new Paris! We opted for less traditional destinations and less known cities. Travelers are choosing to escape mass tourism, looking for more authentic places and at the same time cheaper options. This change shows a profile of more mature and experienced touristwhich values ​​authenticity and exploration over conventional routes.

  7. AI, our best travel companion

    The artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated into both the planning and execution phases of the trip to provide real-time assistance to the traveler and transform their experience. The ability to adapt to individual needs and facilitate more fluid interactions contributes to comfort, becoming a indispensable tool.

  8. Looking north: fresh summers

    Travelers have adjusted preferences on their summer vacations, opting to destinations located in the north of Spain where temperatures are more pleasant in summer. This departure from traditional coastal destinations reflects the search for more moderate climates. This geographic diversification marks a change in travel trends.

  9. The end of seasonality

    Tourists are no longer limited to summer getaways, but are opting for traveling at different times of the year exploring less conventional destinations. This diversification of travel preferences reveals greater flexibility and a growing interest in discovering unique places at different times, breaking with traditional tourist seasonality.

  10. Social networks as a source of inspiration

    Travelers seek inspiration through social platforms, the most popular being Instagram and TikTok. The images and experiences shared by others significantly influence the choice of destinations, activities and accommodations. This trend justifies the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence.

    The 10 trends that will mark the way we travel this year

    Infographic that includes the 10 trends detected by the chain. (Click to enlarge). Source: Eurostars Hotel Group.

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