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The Casual Hotels challenge: 50 establishments in five years

Casual Hotels It achieved more than 31 million euros of revenue in 2023 and profit increased by 51%, to 6.5 million euros, exceeding forecasts. The Valencian chain entered Italy and a new Spanish destination last year, and the challenge for 2024 is to continue growing “within profitability parameters” and consolidate those that are already operational. In this interview with HOSTELTUR, Juan Carlos Sanjuanfounder and CEO of the company, recognizes that the five-year challenge is ambitious, because he wants to reach 50 open establishments, that is, double the current number.

Casual Hoteles closed 2023 with an increase in revenue and profits of 40% and 51%, respectively. What forecasts do you have for 2024?

2024 has started prudently well, with January exceeding 2023 sales by 8% and substantially improving EBITDA. In this regard, it is worth noting that there are destinations that are beginning to almost lack seasonality in terms of occupancy. The first quarter looks like it will be a good start to the year and will allow us to continue facing the financial hangover from COVID 19.

International demand and the increase in rates were decisive in the results of 2023, what will happen this year?

The rates are set by the market. As long as there is demand, there will be a rate increase. The challenge in Spanish tourism will be to maintain rates when demand drops, given that the international client does not come to Spain for its rates, but for its diversity and breadth of culture, gastronomy, sun and sand, sports, congresses, large events, etc. We have to believe in the quality we have and, above all, keep in mind that we are in the top 2 of the most visited countries in the world (at this time the 2023 data for France has not yet been released).

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– 85.1 million tourists visited Spain in 2023, a new record

How are reservations going for Easter? Which markets are performing best and why is this?

We hope that Easter will be a great success, although historically when it fell in March sales have suffered. But the data for now allow us to be optimistic. At Casual Hotels, the national and Italian markets are the ones that are responding best to us, especially with sales on our website, almost 18% of direct sales on our website and more than 25% of direct sales from all channels.

Juan Carlos Sanjuan, president and founder of Casual Hoteles. Source: Casual Hotels.

What will be the great challenges of 2024?

The maintenance of positive results after COVID, team loyalty, expansion within profitability parameters and the consolidation of open hotels.

How are you coping with the difficulty of finding staff?

COVID expelled a lot of talent from tourism. It is a complex situation, given that right now the new generations value certain variables, to which we try to accommodate. In our case we continue to offer health insurance, free time, teleworking (for positions that allow it) and paying 100% of the training. Thanks to an effort by the team he leads Jaume AsensioDirector of Operations at Casual Hotels, 87% of the company’s employees consider that they are better professionals since they have been in our company.

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Casual Hotels workers will be able to collect their payroll whenever they want

Hotel expansion and new segments

What is Casual Hoteles’ growth strategy based on?

Location, location & location. We focus on cities that have an international airport or a large arrival of international tourists. I think they will continue to grow in Europe, and markets such as Central America, South America and Asia still have a long way to go. Therefore, we look for hotels in “prime” cities, which are located in the heart of the city.

You just announced a second hotel in Italy, do you have other openings scheduled for 2024?

The Naples hotel will open after the summer, we are now in the construction phase. At the expansion level, we continue to focus on the main cities of Spain where our presence is still somewhat limited, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga. Outside the country we are focused on Lisbon, Rome, Milan and Venice, while keeping an eye on Florence and Naples, due to structural costs.

Casual's five-year goal: 50 hotels and 2,000 rooms

The latest hotel opened by the chain is the Casual Ilbira Granada, located in the city center. Source: Casual Hotels.

In addition to Italy and Portugal, are you studying other countries to carry Casual’s proposal of themed hotels?

Not for now. But in the future of 2 years we have to be in a position to analyze countries like France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.

Is entering the vacation segment an option?

At this time, no, since it requires a double operational and commercial effort. We are very focused on the typology of tourism that we master. The one that is leading us to be able to face all the debt caused by the economic situation that comes from outside of our control due to COVID 19.

But in the future it is something that we would like to explore, as well as a brand of luxury hotels.

What is the goal of Casual Hoteles for the next 5 years?

We are going step by step, but we would like exceed 50 hotels and 2,000 rooms in the next 5 years. Although it is an ambitious challenge, given that we are not going to incorporate hotels into our chain that we do not see viability in 20 years. There are many opportunists paying rents that are very out of market, who at some point will have serious problems meeting the rents.

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Source: Hosteltur



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