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The CNMC questions the regulations for tourist housing in Catalonia

The National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) considers “restrictive” some measures included in the decree for tourist housing of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

The CNMC has questioned the requirement of a license for the use of tourist apartments and maximum housing limit in some Catalan municipalitiesconsidering that it does not take into account the characteristics that distinguish the affected municipalities.

Last December 20 The Parliament validated the decree that regulates this type of accommodationas published HOSTELTUR tourism news in The Catalan decree eliminates the limit on tourist homes, which must now be processed as bill.

Headquarters of the National Markets and Competition Commission. Source: CNMC.

In reality, the Catalan Government, in the hands of ERC, agreed with the PSC eliminate the limit of 10 tourist apartments per 100 homes that was initially included in the rule, a ratio that each City Council may set as it sees fit.

Furthermore, they agreed that the obligation to have an urban planning license only applies in the 140 Catalan municipalities declared areas of stressed residential market -which represent 80% of the Catalan population-, while in the other localities the regulation will be optional.

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