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The hotel room of the future with AI is now available in Benidorm

The Hotel Technology Institute (ITH) and Tourism of the Valencian Community have inaugurated ITH TechYroom 1.0the first room nationwide that incorporates a set of digital technologies and solutions focused on improving the guest experience, through a more differentiated and specialized service. Furthermore, it places special emphasis on optimize working conditions of the hotel staff.

Financed by Tourism Valencian Community and led by ITH In close collaboration with the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies (Invattur), this project is based on a 360 design of collective intelligence. To do this, it seeks to establish itself as a showroom real where the hotel industry finds answers in the environment of innovative proposals and implementation of new digital tools useful for your activity.

The four axles on which this technological room pivots are the guest experience improvement -including the transformation of spaces, active and passive communication and interaction, and accessibility-, the digital transformation of processes, the management and operational improvement of the hotel and energy efficiencycontemplating, among others, aspects such as sustainability and the circular economy.

ITH TechYroom 1.0 represents a unique product in the destination and, for now, in the hotel sector, framed in the transformation plan of the accommodation plant promoted by ITH

In this way, Benidorm, as Nuria Montes, Minister of Innovation and Tourism, has highlighted, “gives another example that it is a avant-garde destination and spearhead of tourism in Spain. This room is totally in line with the objectives of the Valencian Government, awakening interest among other hoteliers such as technological space”.

From left To the right, Nuria Montes, Minister of Innovation and Tourism of the Valencian Community, listens to the instructions of Beatriz Heras, responsible for Digital Transformation of the Hotel Technology Institute. Source: ITH.

For his part, Javier García Cuenca, president of ITH, has stressed that “this initiative is a significant effort in the coordination and implementation of different technologies and solutionswhich will allow the hotel industry of the Valencian Community to be taken to a higher level in the process of digital transformation of the accommodation space, improve customer experience. All of this has been possible thanks to this framework of public-private collaboration and the firm drive of the Valencian generalitat”.

Hosbec (Hotel and Tourism Business Association of the Valencian Community) has also contributed to the entire process of dissemination, selection, design and creation of this unique room

Likewise, this prototype seeks revolutionize the way hotels incorporate technologytaking advantage of possible projects in the process of reform, in order to integrate innovative, useful and affordable solutions for each case, promoting scalability and promoting the dissemination of technology.

More than 25 technology partners

The launch of ITH TechYroom 1.0 has involved the coordination and integration of proposals from more than 25 technology companies of reference, who have provided an enormous variety of cutting edge tools such as: artificial intelligence, cobots or collaborative robotics, 3D printing, accessible signage, ergonomic furniture, lighting systems, smart vinyl, home automation, videoconferencing equipment, climate control, automation and robotics, cybersecurity and digital twin, among others.

Specifically, the participating companies are Absotec, Cerium, Hotelverse, HP, iGEX, Ilunion, Ilunion-Visualfy, IZO, LaBella, La Maison du Monde, Macy, Perseo, Pikolin, Resuinsa-Carmela Martí, Robotbas, Robottions, Signify, Stereonoise, Suagongo, Uground, Ulbios, ViniloSmart, Vodafone-Ecomt, Vodafone-ITF-Eviden, Vodafone-Fractalia and Wipass

Creation of a reference standard

The choice of the RH Corona del Mar hotel has been based on its strategic location, as well as its vision of becoming reference of the technological vanguard in the region. Exhaustive audits have previously been carried out on its situation and those potential areas for improvement, after which the aforementioned four strategic categorieswhich are those that have been addressed in this version 1.0.

Other ITH projects in hotel innovation:

– The ITH brings practical solutions to hotels in its Robotics Club

– Artificial intelligence in hotels: it is time to take action

– AI to move from digital transformation to intelligent transformation

– Key technologies that are already being applied in hotel distribution

This national initiative seeks not only boost competitiveness of the Spanish hotel sector on a global level, but also to establish a reference standard for the successful integration of technologies in the hotel experience. Version 1.0 in the Valencian Community, with the adaptation of spaces and technologies for a senior clientele, exemplifies the flexibility and applicability of the project to different contexts and audiences.

This room will contribute to improving business competitiveness and visibility in the national and international market of the tourist offer of the Valencian Community, according to its promoters.

Source: Hosteltur



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