“The Guadalquivir River / runs between orange trees and olive trees. / The two rivers of Granada / descend from the snow to the wheat.” This is how the “Baladilla of the Three Rivers” of the book begins “Poem of cante jondo”, by Federico García Lorcapublished more than a century ago, in 1922. The hotel that houses the theater where the Granada poet and playwright, born in Fuente Vaqueros, recited it for the first time that same year, with Manuel de Falla accompanying the piano. It was in the Alhambra Palace, which opened its doors in 1910.

From García Lorca and Orson Welles to the Latin Grammys have passed through the “Teatrillo” of the Alhambra Palace

The theater of this hotel, or “Teatrillo” as it is better known, is just one of the wonders it holds. Staying at this establishment is the closest thing to doing it in the Alhambra in Granada itself. Located at the top of the hill, just a hundred meters from this unique set of palaces, gardens and fortresses, since its opening the hotel has been a symbol of luxury, pleasure, elegance and hospitality at the highest level. Inspired by the beautiful Nasrid palace, its rooms, lounges, dining rooms and decoration are an ode to the attention to detail.

The famous building on Madrid's Gran Vía with the Schweppes neon lights.

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The spectacular hotel lobby.
The spectacular hotel lobby.

Manuel de Falla’s piano

Kings and leaders from all over the world, Nobel Prize winners, movie stars, writers, musicians… have passed through the rooms of a very united with the history and cultural environment of Granada throughout the 20th century. In addition to García Lorca, the actor and film director also visited his “Teatrillo” Orson Welleswho used it as an office when he was in Granada filming The Quijote, and the aforementioned Manuel de Falla went every day to rehearse his scores on the grand piano, in which the party from the night before was still in the air. More recently, this scenario has been a privileged witness to the Latin Grammy.

Las Dalias hippy market, in the municipality of Santa Eulària des Riu.

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Panoramic terrace of the Alhambra Palace with views of Granada.
Panoramic terrace of the Alhambra Palace with views of Granada.

Redesign of terrace and restaurant

The fascinating history of this hotel is recorded in a book initially published in 2017 and of which a new improved and updated second edition has just been presented, in which a group of prestigious intellectuals They share their life journey from this iconic Spanish hotel. Likewise, he has presented the redesign of its legendary panoramic terrace and its Príncipe restaurant by the interior designer Erico Navazo, recognized with the AD Interiores award for the best design and professional of the year 2022, with the aim of enhancing both the privileged environment in which it is located and the gastronomic proposal of the chef Esau Hita, with deep Andalusian roots and which is mainly nourished by the hotel’s organic garden.

The hotel has 108 rooms and suites with views of the city of Granada and the Alhambra forest. Staying costs between 300 and 500 euros per night, depending on the room and the season.

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