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The keys to the success of branded residences

The branded residences must bring together certain elements to attract a demand niche that is no longer exclusively luxury since, as has been pointed out Lourdes Carbofounder and “Head of Dreams” of Alberta La Grup, “millennials are increasingly showing more interest in this type of product.” A product that, in the words of Jesus Rodriguez Masedadirector of Savills Hotels, “it must be located in a destination that the client likeswhich in turn has to share brand values and be faithful to her to bet on him.” Both have participated in the debate table on this type of offer, together with Javier de Villanueva, head of Development for Europe at Banyan Tree Group, with Fabián González, Luxury manager at Kleber Groupas moderator.

Javier de Villanueva has added in this sense that the branded residences “They must show a Lifestyle with which to identify and offer the possibility of enjoying them in different geographies and segments, because the client does not always look for the same type of establishment, depending on whether the trip is vacation, corporate, companions, etc. It is the wealth that offers you that accommodation bag available.”

From left To the right, the moderator, Fabián González, from Kleber Group; Javier de Villanueva, from Banyan Tree Group; Jesús Rodríguez Maseda, from Savills; and Lourdes Carbó, from Alberta La Grup. Source: Hosteltur.

To this must be added, as Jesús Rodríguez Maseda has detailed, that “public and private part align, because if luxury is limited to the establishment, the client will leave and will not return. Furthermore, this business is not extensive, it is necessary to maintain a certain restraint to preserve its exclusive character because if not we run the risk of becoming an amusement park.

“We must abstract ourselves from the fever of growth for the sake of growth and think from the point of view of destiny, because if you maintain the values, you maintain interest; If you lose them, not only will they not come, but if they do, they will want to leave,” as Rodríguez Maseda has recommended.

Spain, ideal destination

Spain must value, as De Villanueva has stated, “its attractive as a place to liveat least seasons, for its stability and culture”. Not in vain “it is the perfect country to start enjoying this type of experiences.”

Madrid, specifically, as has been stated, “has great development opportunities in this area therefore latin american client of Spanish descent who wants to return to their country of origin, which means that the city is experiencing a very sweet moment due to the large capital inflow that is taking place, very positive for its economy. We in MexicoFor example, we perceive a great demand for this type of product in Madrid.”

He thus coincided with Rodríguez Maseda, who highlighted “the leadership of the capital in the luxury segment, but we must be careful not to overexploit this offer, always maintaining the values ​​at all levels that attract this client to come to Spain. We cannot aspire to be London. Not today, maybe tomorrow; or perhaps it is not interesting, but to be something else for maintain our differential value”.

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Source: Hosteltur



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