Throughout Europe there are thousands of spas where guests can relax and take advantage of the immense healing powers of water, although Spain is one of the best countries in this regard. More than 70 thermal centers Spread throughout the territory, there are numerous facilities where anyone can dive into incredible pools, although none like the Mondariz Spa, which has been named the best spa in Europe in the Wellness Experience Award 2023.

This thermal hotel has won the game other renowned like the mythical Széchenyi in Budapest, and the Mondariz Spa, located in the province of Pontevedra, is not just any one, but is one of the most historic from all over Spain and its services and facilities are the best that can be found on the entire continent, which is why it has been named the best.

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The history of the Mondariz Spa

Mondariz Spa
Mondariz Spa

It all goes back to XIX century, when several springs were discovered that made the water of Mondariz-Spa, name that the municipality of 4,000 inhabitants now receives, was declared for public use, which led to the construction of the hotel beginning, although the impressive original building that was erected in the area was destroyed in a fire.

Years later, the spa was built again, which today is one of the best known in all of Spain and that has just been named the best in Europe, and its hot springs and circuits The ones they have are a true marvel that leaves anyone who immerses themselves in their pools and jacuzzis relaxed.

The hot springs of the Mondariz Spa

Mondariz Spa Spa
Mondariz Spa Spa

The real attraction of this incredible thermal center is the so-called Water Palace, an immense space of more than 3,000 square meters in which there is an immense swimming pool with hydromassage, jets and waterfalls to relax, as well as a jacuzzi and outdoor hot water pools. Furthermore, this circuit It also has saunas for steam bath lovers.

Another of the great attractions of the Mondariz Spa is known as Celtic Circuit, based on the ancient culture that inhabited the area and in which you can experience various relaxation techniques both aquatic and aesthetic, whether peelings, baths in outdoor pools and even a sauna in a natural cave. Lastly, the hotel also has numerous beauty or wellness treatments, as well as massages to completely relax the muscles.

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How much does it cost to bathe at the Mondariz Spa?

General admission to enjoy the hot springs of the impressive Balneario de Mondariz costs 26 euros, although depending on whether you want to take a special product or bonus, the price may increase. If you want to spend a night in this majestic thermal hotel, you can book a room from 120 euros. Although it is not free, this impressive complex is one of the ideal options to relax.

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