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The town councils will limit the number of tourist homes in Andalusia

The Government Council of Andalusia approved this Monday the decree that will regulate housing for tourist use (VUT), tourist apartment establishments and hotels throughout the community. City councils may establish “proportionate limitations” to prevent the proliferation of this type of apartment in certain neighborhoods and buildings for urban or planning reasons.

According to what is established, town councils may establish the maximum number of homes for tourist use per building, sector, area, periods, area or zone. In turn, the neighborhood communities will have possibilities of action, to refuse or accept the tourist apartments, with the margins established by the Horizontal Property law, as explained by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports, Arturo Bernal.

Housing for tourist use “represents almost half of tourist accommodation in the entire community. We calculate that in Andalusia there are, today, registered in the Registry of the Board, more than 116,000 homes“, detailed Bernal, recognizing that this type of accommodation has helped to deseasonalize, but has also generated “tensions with its fit with urban planning regulations and with neighboring communities.”

With the new decree, he said at a press conference, “our objective has been to ensure the quality, legality and best management of this activity.”

The modification approved this Monday incorporates new requirements with respect to those provided for in Decree 28/216, of February 2, for the exercise of an economic activity, such as the provision of the tourist housing accommodation service, in accordance with the European and national regulations that regulate the principles of free access to the market.

Likewise, in coherence with the provisions of the Tourism Law, The legal figure of companies that operate housing for tourist use is reinforced, with the aim of professionalizing the activity. With this, they explain, they seek “the improvement of the working conditions of workers”, as well as “facilitate relations with the administration tourism and guarantee the rights and duties of users”.

Another of the modifications included is that the habitability requirements and demandsconditioning or common services, “for the sake of greater quality in the provision of service and protection of the rights of users,” they explain, such as the maximum surface area per person, the number of bathrooms or air conditioning, among others.

Seville. Source: Unsplash.

In the case of the tourist apartments, the different specialties are regulated, emphasizing that no establishment may incur discrimination or prohibition against non-preferred groups. And the occupancy period of the accommodation units is also extended, from 3:00 p.m. on the first day of the contracted period to 11:00 a.m. on the day designated as the departure date.

At the same time, the characteristics of the different groups of tourist apartment establishments are defined and established. In the same way, part of the requirements for the provision of tourist accommodation services are eliminated, following in the wake of the recent regulation of hotel establishments, eliminating the requirement of structural obligations when those that correspond to sectoral regulations already make them suitable for the intended end.

Finally, the decree includes modifications so that hotels and hotel-apartments can offer complementary services in the building to users of the establishmenteven provided by persons or entities other than the owner of the tourist accommodation operation, provided that they meet certain requirements, without affecting the principle of unit of operation.

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