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The two profiles of the luxury customer: the conscientious and the spendthrift

The demands and great objectives of sustainability in the field of hotel management must be brought down to earth and confronted with the day-to-day life in front of the client to set real goals and get results. A conference on hotel sustainability held in Seville featured testimony, sometimes surprising and almost always shared, from directors of high-end hotels and sustainability managers, who explained their experience to deal with the traveler, whose nationality has a considerable influence, and in whom two differentiated profiles are observed.

So, Alvaro Armenterodirector of Ecological Transition of Soho Hotelsbegan by commenting on the important steps that are achieved with seemingly simple steps, such as reducing flow or treating a portion of the gray water for garden irrigation, also highlighting the importance that the get staff involvedalthough also the client.

In this sense, Pedro Agudodeputy director of Hotel Bella Vistaspoke about the difficulty involved in ensuring “that the client does not perceive as a lack in the quality of the service” which, for example, do not change the towel daily or the lack of canisters amenities, an aspect in which he considered it essential that the replacement for dispensers includes that they be from top brands. Also addressing logical garbage separation, focusing on where it can be done more efficiently, such as in the kitchen and dining rooms.

The president of the AHS, Manuel Cornax (second from the right) surrounded by hoteliers from Seville and also from other Andalusian provinces. Source: Hosteltur.

Felipe Madurgadeputy director of The Poet’s House, He considered that “the problem is how the luxury client takes it.” And he added that “there is a certain fear of taking the step towards that sustainable mentality without losing quality, since the reputation of a hotel depends on the experience of the end customer.” Madurga acknowledged that The nationality of the guest, which in their case is mostly American, has an influence, and there are even cases that are very contrary to that philosophy.like un VIP client who was asking for 15 towels a day.

For his part, the president of the Seville Hotel Association (AHS), Manuel Cornax, reflected on the guest profiles, mentioning that “it is much easier to allow a quality client who is respectful of the environment than to pass it on to a person with little training or a teenager. But, curiously, the ones that have a lot of money are extremely susceptible to leaving their comforts, especially if they are Americans, Japanese or Chinese; and you have the opposite meaning, which is that as A high-level German comes to you and sees that you are wasting water, that you are wasting resources, is the first one who is going to organize a problem.” For this reason, Cornax considered it essential to make it known that the destination and its hotels are respectful and to be attentive to what is communicated. In this sense, he explained how recently A newspaper published that in Seville 400 liters were spent per customer per day, when a study showed that it is not more than 160although the objective should be to reduce that figure.

The two luxury customers: the conscientious and the spendthrift

Image of all the participants in the Hotel Sustainability Conference organized last week in Seville. Source: Eco-one.

For its part, Francisca García, general director of House 1800, explained the involvement in a reforestation project that attracts its clients towards sustainable behavior, since the savings of not cleaning the room reverts to said project, and that is launched at the time of purchase or check-in through the PMS. García also spoke of “the difficulty faced by small boutique hotels, in the historic center of the cities and in buildings with history to carry out certain improvements, such as the solar panel installation”.

Severino Bonmatí, general director of Hotel Giralda Centerfocused on the communication aspect, noting that “In addition to being good, you have to look like it” and the client, when he knows what is being done, values ​​it, so you have to use creativity to get it to him, although he also commented on the difficulty it poses some type of traveler, such as the Asian, who inform themselves in advance about the amenities that the hotel offers upon request and, “as soon as they arrive, they ask for everything”.

On your side, Bernart Sillauren, Director of Sustainability of the chain H10 Hotelsstressed the importance of train and engage teams with the help of external experts, who see so many hotels and so many cases on the ground every day, and that the staff can make the speech their own, also listening to their initiatives, putting their awareness even above that of the client, although this is important and they contribute ideas. Also pose by marking a line, “in our case it is 2030continuing with the SDGs, because it is a medium-term goal, it is not a 2050 that you forget, it is something that is really close, that you have to take steps.”

The two luxury customers: the conscientious and the spendthrift

Bernart Sillauren, director of Sustainability of the H10 Hotels chain, during his speech at the day. Source: Hosteltur.

In a similar vein, Jesus Peral, Senior Host Hotelatelier Petit Palacedefended that it is decisive in the transition towards sustainability to involve the teams: “We have to take a step forward and bet because Our value proposition is that we are sustainable hotels; for what is essential involve all internal teams so that they transmit those values ​​to the client and they are 100% satisfied.”

Felix Lobo Iglesias director of Carmona Parador, spoke about the difficulties of undertaking actions that include the use of alternative energy sources in protected buildings, such as the majority of the Paradores de Turismo chain.

The director of the Parador de Carmona mentioned something that is on everyone’s mind and that is that, regarding sustainable measures, “there is a part of the client that does not understand it and considers that what is being done is saving costs at their expense.”

Saray Castaño, general director of Don Ramón Casa Palacio Seville He said that “not only do they value it, but they demand a total commitment on our part,” a “72% of luxury guests look for hotels for their sustainability”, although there is a percentage that does not, this North American client perhaps to a lesser extent. However, he stated, in general, the luxury client “is reluctant to have you take away services such as daily room cleaning“, although there are other measures that it can support.

In your case, José Luis Barroso, head of operations Casual Hotels, stressed the importance of “economic sustainability of the hotel“, stating that, “we are convinced that we must be sustainable, but we must make the income statement sustainable too, so that the business is completely viable.”

At the conference organized by H10 Hotels and Eco-onein which supplier companies specialized in aspects related to sustainability were present, such as Connect2 and Jumadialso participated Carmen Ortiz Laynez, Territorial delegate of Tourism in Seville of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Government of Andalusia, who opened the event by highlighting that Every day that is not invested in sustainability, “is a day late”. And he added that “the sector has turned this objective into its main paradigm and efforts such as those that this union is carrying out in this regard are appreciated.” The delegate announced that the Junta de Andalucía has granted aid to eight Sevillian hotels to implement sustainability measures and are working on another series of aid of more than one million euros for its transformation.

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Source: Hosteltur



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