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They ask that housekeepers be able to take early retirement

The Federation of Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurs (FEHT) of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) and UGT have agreed that housekeepers should be included in the list of highly dangerous professions. In this way, female workers could benefit from early retirement at age 58, once they have completed 20 years of practice in said professional category, according to the proposal of the unions and employers.

The request of the unions and employers, which has been raised since 2017, has arisen after knowing the draft of the decree that prepares andl Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations to admit new professions into the early retirement system.

Within this list appear “groups or professional activities, whose jobs are of an exceptionally painful, dangerous, toxic or unhealthy nature and show high rates of morbidity or mortality, provided that the affected workers certify in the respective profession or job the minimum of activity that is established, are in a registered situation or assimilated to that of registered and meet the other general requirements required.

Unions and employers propose that housekeepers be able to retire early at 58 years of age. Source: AdobeStock.

“This circumstance undoubtedly occurs in the Canary Islands in the specific case of housekeepers, given that there is total agreement between the representatives of the workers and the employers of the sector regarding the need to include this professional group in said catalogue, for objective reasons related to the nature of their work and the physical exhaustion it entails,” they highlight in a statement.

The two unions and the tourism entrepreneurs of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have indicated that the central Executive’s proposal contemplates that the incorporation of new professions in the catalog must be proposed by the social agents.

For unions and employers, it would be a “sensible, viable, favorable measure for the quality of employment and the sector itself on the islands”, which is why they have urged the Ministry to “live up to the expectations of the waitresses of floors with facts, incorporating said group in the new catalog of especially dangerous jobs”.

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