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They propose a “minimum protocol” between OPCs and MICE hotels

The companies organizing conferences and meetings consider that a “minimum protocol” should be established between local OPCs and the most representative MICE hotels, “ideally under the umbrella of the Convention Bureau”, in order not to harm the entire sector and the destination.

High MICE demand

The need to establish said protocol was raised during a conference organized by OPC Catalonia under the title “Guarantee rooms. Sine qua non condition for hiring rooms?”

In this sense, OPC Catalonia has launched the proposal to create a document of “consensus and good practices” that allows “better management of the problem of room nights during the organization of professional events.”

A moment of the day. Source: OPC Catalonia

“Local businesses for local events may find themselves at a disadvantage”

And, as he explained Guillem Torresdirector of Torres Pardo SL and president of OPC Catalonia, “the problem mainly affects events organized by local companies in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​cities with a huge international MICE demand, which is why the hotel sector always requests a room block.” , in many cases quite high, and that international events accept”.

However, “local companies for local events may find themselves at a disadvantage,” warns Torres.

A disadvantage that harms “OPCs that in fact are and have been loyal partners of these hotels for a long time, but they cannot guarantee a high room block for a local event. And even applying a minimum income based on high spending on food and beverages is even ruled out because accommodation is the broadest margin of business for the hotel and this is its sine qua non.”

In short, “it is necessary to initiate a rapprochement between local OPCs and the most representative MICE hotels, ideally under the umbrella of the respective Convention Bureau, to propose possible future scenarios and try to apply a process that meets the expectations and needs that all the parties, hotels and OPCs”.

opt catalonia

From left to right Jaume Boltà, vice president of OPC CAT and president of Bocemtium; Merixell Miró, Cristoph Tessmar, Juan Pablo Hernanz and Guillem Torres. Source: OPC Catalonia

Promote good practices

Thus, OPC Catalonia has launched the proposal to create “a document of consensus and good practices that allows for better management of the problem of room nights during the organization of professional events.”

The suggestion has been one of the conclusions of the traditional annual technical day held in Barcelona, ​​which has brought together more than 80 professionals from the MICE sector.

This minimum protocol related to hotel rooms would have to consider factors such as:

  1. “The specific and temporary circumstances, business model and dimensions of each hotel must be taken into account.”
  2. “OPCs have to be transparent and commit to requests that are consistent with the dimension of the event.”
  3. “Agree on a reasonable policy regarding reservation deposits by the hotel and specifically delimit which budget items it would affect: rooms, FB, rooms. This is a requirement that OPC Catalonia considers very important, based on having certain special conditions on the part of the hotel compared to those that said hotel may apply to an international MICE event, whose agency it does not know nor has been a loyal and regular client of the establishment.”
  4. “On the part of the hotel sector, the possibility of holding a specific meeting between OPC, Hotel and final Client prior to the organization of the event was raised to comment and reason the conditions – reservation policies applied in the corresponding establishment.”

Searching for consensus formulas

Several experts participated during the day.

  • Cristoph Tessmardirector of the Barcelona Convention Bureau, stated that linking the reservation of a room for a local event to a minimum commitment of a number of rooms can be counterproductive, since the hotel itself runs the risk of losing a great client forever.
  • Meritxell Miródirector of sales corporate & MICE Eastern Spain – Meliá Hotels International, pointed out that the availability of a room for events depends on many factors, including temporality, that is, the situation the hotel is going through at the time of the reservation. .
  • Juan Pablo Hernanznational sales director of Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center (Madrid) commented that a solution that is being proposed by the Madrid Convention Bureau consists of offering options and packs to relocate national events, which traditionally want to be organized in Barcelona and Madrid, towards the metropolitan areas of these provinces, giving examples such as Alcalá, Aranjuez or Sitges.


In another round table on “Beyond greenwashing. Tools to achieve sustainability” the free tools created by the Catalunya Convention Bureau that help measure the actions implemented to promote the sustainability of meetings and events were explained.

The tools are:

  • Guide to organizing sustainable events.
  • Sustainability checklist.
  • Event sustainability calculator.
  • GHG emissions compensation guide.

Soon, the app version will be available and training will be given to the sector to know how to use these tools in depth, as reported by OPC Catalonia.

opt catalonia

Ramón Vidal, general manager of Torre Melina Gran Melià, during the welcome to attendees. Source: OPC Catalonia.

The day took place in the facilities of the Palau de Congressos, where new technological solutions have been incorporated, and the Torre Melina Gran Meliá hotel, which has also undergone a renovation after an investment of 40 million euros. It will have a new restaurant for 120 people and a rooftop that can accommodate up to 400 people.

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