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This is Portella, the hotel that the Miró-Sans family opens in Palma

The family Miró-Sans disembarks at the hotel Palm with the opening of Portella, a 5-star establishment in which they have invested 4 million euros in the restoration and transformation of the buildingwithout counting the price of the property. Enrique and Inés Miró-Sans They acknowledge to HOSTELTUR that “after analyzing several options and seeing the upward trend in the luxury segment in the plaza, it was decided to choose to create a product that was not yet on the island.” The next step will be in Cadaqués.

The Portella hotel, which will begin receiving guests on February 14, is located in the former house museum Joaquim Torrents Lladóa 17th century building linked to the art and culture of Palma

“Our father landed in Palma with the intention of buying a commercial premises and found the opportunity to buy this old palace, with which he fell in love,” explain the Miró-Sans brothers, noting that after analyzing several commercial alternatives they decided to open a hotel.

The family invested 4 million euros in the restoration of the building. Source: Portella.

Portella is a hotel for people over 12 years old and has 14 rooms divided into four categories, from a standard room to an apartment with two bedrooms. Those who wish, have the option of booking the entire hotel

The establishment, which is committed to silent luxuryhas been designed by the Parisian interior design studio Feast and the study Gras Reynés Architectsin collaboration with local artisans and companies and in their design they have used native materials.

The hotel, under the management of Enrique Miró-Sans, has a Mallorcan patio and a terrace with views of the Palma Cathedral and the Arab Baths. In the renovation, the common spaces of the home have been respected and it offers an area dedicated to well-being, with a gym, hammam and massage services in the room.

The menu they offer is based on fresh market products and can be customized with practically any item or dish requested.

This is Portella, the hotel that the Miró-Sans family opens in Palma

The hotel has 14 rooms and the option to book the entire establishment. Source: Portella.

Portella, whose building was acquired seven years ago, is the family’s second hotel project, following in the footsteps of Bonay House. According to what was pointed out to HOSTELTUR, the decision not to join the same brand responds to the fact that “it is a totally private concept. If you don’t stay you can’t enter the building and this is the opposite of Bonay, where the local customer is essential.”

Luxury tourism, a segment that resists

This new hotel adds to the luxury offering that is being developed in the old town of Palma. Enrique and Inés Miró-Sans comment that they opted for this segment because “it is less sensitive to negative market cycles and with a lot of opportunity for improvement. “Luxury has changed in recent years and we see that there is a niche within this segment.”

This is Portella, the hotel that the Miró-Sans family opens in Palma

The Portella hotel’s Mallorcan patio has views of the Cathedral and the Arab Baths of Palma. Source: Portella.

In that sense, they detail that Portella “is a hotel in which there will be no check in, check out, tickets every time you have a drink, reduced wine lists… This involves another type of management different from the one we know at a traditional level and with which we feel very comfortable. We believe that many customers will appreciate it, already tired of the old market standards.”

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The Portella hotel of the Miró-Sans family opens in Palma

The prestigious Parisian studio Festen debuts in the Spanish hospitality industry with the design of the Portella hotel. Source: Portella.

Projects underway

After the opening of this hotel in Palma, the next step is in Cadaqués: “a 12-room hotel on the seafront,” they tell HOSTELTUR.

“Mainly we are looking for a purchase and if it is not possible, we can carry out the reform to have the OpCo and be able to manage it. We are searching in different places, for a luxury concept of this type or for a lifestyle like Bonay,” they acknowledge.

Among the destinations that are in focus are Madrid, San Sebastián, Seville, Oporto, Lisbon, Biarritz, “something more in Palma city and inland.”

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Source: Hosteltur



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