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What about hotel brands? Birth and death

The tourism and hotel sector is being transformed and as pointed out Sara Ramis, Chief Client, Marketing & Sustainability Officer at Barceló Hotel Group, “it is no longer enough to just make money, you have to give a new look to the meaning of the brand and have a purpose.” Within the framework of Hoteltrends Arena, organized by Hotelverse and Beon at Fitur 2024, hotel chains debated the future of the business, specialization and strategies to differentiate themselves and not betray customer expectations.

“Brands were born when we opted for differentiation. Each brand has its history and each one has a language and speaks differently. This allows us flexibility to segment better, because each one speaks personally to a specific segment. Today (customers) demand that brands have a purpose and that is what we are working on,” he explains. Sergio ZertucheChief Sales & Marketing Officer at Palladium Hotel Group.

Bernat VicensCEO of Fergus Groupagrees that brands must have a reason. Fergus Hotels It was born to contain repositioned 4 and 5 star hotels and was gaining weight as a vacation brand, “but we started to have hotels that did not fit into that niche” and also found an underserved segment. “We made a space where there was none, which is Tent Hotels“We now have 8 hotels and we are a brand with purpose, which sells location, price and interaction with the destination.”

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Fernando Vives is CCO in NH Hotel Group, part of Minor Hotels, a group that currently has eight “very differentiated” brands in the market. Although this breadth allows us to reach all types of customers, “the problem with brands is that they ask you to eat, that is the challenge. Creating brands is very good, but each one must have its own brand spacand. Each one has to be very well prepared from the point of view of attributes to be able to differentiate itself from the others.”

In his opinion, “if you make an effort to introduce brands, it is necessary to have critical mass because it is not useful to have just one hotel of one brand”

From left to right: Sergio Zertuche (Palladium Hotel Group), Bernat Vicens (Fergus Group), Sara Ramis (Barceló Hotel Group), Manuel Molina (HOSTELTUR) and Fernando Vives (NH Hotel Group). Source: Hosteltur.

Is there saturation of hotel brands?

Faced with this need for hotel chains to gain more and more segments, the question is whether or not there is a saturation of brands in the market.

Sergio Zertuche believes that “there is a certain saturation, but there is also room for new brands, but that space depends on the new niches and segments that are discovered. “Space will always exist, because as a society we evolve, but it is necessary to analyze whether there is critical mass.”

“There are brands that have to die, without a doubt. Palladium’s Fiesta brand is about to die because we are betting on the repositioning of assets and to the extent that the assets are being reconverted, we are betting on differentiation”, so some brands are being left out of the game because they respond to standards that are surpassed. .

The CCO of NH Hotel Group maintains that the evolution of brands depends on the markets. In Europe, he says, 70% of hotels are independent, so “there is opportunity for brands, as long as they make sense.” As the CEO of Fergus Group adds, “There are a lot of brands that do not contribute anything. There are brands that have no soul, they are an invention.”

For her part, Sara Ramis does not believe that there is saturation in the consumer’s mind and that is why “there is room to grow.”

Of course, clarifying that “the brand has to provide value, but not only economic value, but also social value. We provide value with our management, our sustainability policies and employee care”, stating that, if not, ” There will be brands that will disappear, as some have already disappeared.”

Source: Hosteltur



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