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What do Tenerife hoteliers expect from the first quarter?

Expectations for the business during the first quarter of 2024 are positive for 52.51% of Tenerife hoteliers. Business owners in La Palma and El Hierro mostly consider the evolution of their business as normal or unfavorable, while in La Gomera they have very good forecasts, according to data from the Ashotel Observatory of Tourism Competitiveness and Sustainability.

The survey carried out among businessmen shows that 43.36% estimate that business will be normal and only 4.13% consider that the scenario will be unfavorable in the first three months of 2024.

In The Palm, only 2.83% of hoteliers have a favorable opinion, compared to 50.54% who consider it normal and 46.63%, unfavorable; However, on the same island, 89.52% of non-hotel owners do have expectations of favorable developments in their business, “which shows that the model at this time, in the hotel industry, is in a more complex situation.” .

In this regard, they add in Ashotel, it is important to highlight that even the hotel Sol La Palmaone of the largest, with almost 1,000 beds, remains closed more than two years after the volcanic eruption due to the presence of gases in Puerto Naos, where it is located.

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Hotels with favorable expectations for the first quarter, by island. Source: Ashotel.

In case of The iron “the negative view is more pressing, since 0% of hoteliers and non-hoteliers have a favorable expectation,” compared to 35.98% of hoteliers and 61.14% who see it as normal, and 64.02% of hoteliers and 38.86% who have an unfavorable expectation

In the case of La Gomera, These percentages are as follows: 90.69% of hoteliers have a favorable opinion about how the business will go this quarter, compared to 9.31% who describe it as normal and none see it as unfavorable. Among non-hotel visitors, expectations are somewhat worse: 52.39% have them favorable, 41.30% have them as normal, and the remaining 6.31% have them as unfavorable.

The evolution of the occupation

Regarding occupancy, in Tenerife they estimate that hoteliers will close the month of January with 80.51% of the beds occupied, in February it will be 75.44% and in March 68.30%. In the case of non-hotel residents, this forecast is 83.88%, 78.75% and 70.35%, respectively.

The percentages are lower in La Palma and El Hierro, but higher in the case of La Gomera. The expectations of this last island for the first quarter in the hotel segment are 83.19% in each of these three months, while the non-hotel segment foresees January at 79.15%, February at 77.23% and March at 71.50%.

The most negative data comes from El Hierro, which in the hotel sector estimates to close this month of January at 43.28%, while February and March at 46.22%. For non-hotel entrepreneurs, the expectations are as follows: 26.31% in January, 24.65% in February and 20.15% in March.

Finally, La Palma foresees a hotel occupancy of 57.32% in January, 46.60% in February and 43.49% in March, while non-hotel establishments expect to close with better data: January (84.86%) , February (82.54%) and March (73.35%), which repeats a better scenario for the non-hotel plant than for the hotel plant.

Source: Hosteltur



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