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Where advance hotel bookings are going in 2024

Travel planning and advance booking habits among consumers are returning and normalizing after several years of ups and downs marked by the pandemic. This is revealed by a report from the company Affilired, with data that shows the percentage of reservations Early Booking generated during the month of January from 2019 to 2024.

Advantages of Early Booking for travelers

As Affilired recalls, the concept Early Booking refers to the habit of tourists of booking their vacations in advance, usually months before the departure date.

In fact, Affilired defines Early Booking as “that reservation that has check-out with a minimum of three months since the execution of the reservation”.

Affilired is a digital marketing company based in Palma de Mallorca that works with Spanish and international hotel chains.

“For travelers, this strategy not only provides tranquillitybut can also result in important discounts and additional benefits,” explains Affilired.

Advantages of advance reservations for hotels

For hoteliers, the fact that customers book their stays more than 90 days in advance also means important advantages.

“He Early Booking It is a crucial strategy for maximize hotel occupancy and revenue”reminds Affilired, which is why numerous hotel chains encourage – through discounts and other extra benefits – early booking among their potential clients.

Advance reservations before the pandemic

Affillired data shows that 2019 was an “excellent” year for advance bookings, with “solid numbers in many countries.”

Thus, the 2019 financial year serves as a “reference point” to understand the subsequent changes that came once the coronavirus pandemic broke out.

However, when the pandemic was declared, “many countries experienced a significant decrease in their numbersas uncertainty and travel restrictions discouraged travelers from making advance reservations.”

Let us remember that the data in the infographic shows the percentage of Early Booking on the total reservations for the month of January. That is, although the volume of reservations fell in 2021, in some countries (United Kingdom, Germany or Italy) it is the case that the quota of advance reservations in January was well above a normal year.

Post-pandemic situation by issuing markets

Despite the volatile period marked by the pandemic, advance reserves have been gradually recovering in different countries around the world, although with important nuances.

The percentages that we can read below refer to reserves Early Booking generated during the month of January.


This issuing market “has shown notable consistency in its early booking habits, maintaining a relatively stable percentage around 40-45%,” explains Affilired.

“This behavior suggests a strong culture of planning and organization among German travelers, and the data for 2024 already exceeds the data recorded in the glorious 2019 by more than 5%.”


The United States issuing market has experienced an increase in the percentage of Early Booking reservations in recent years. In 2022 it registered a maximum of 34%, although in January 2024 it stood at 26% (above the 23% before the pandemic)


After a period of “relative stability” between 2020 and 2022, advance bookings took off in the following two years. They were 37% in January 2023 and 40% in January 2024, “suggesting a change in booking preferences among French travelers.”


Britain saw a “surprising spike in 2021, with an impressive 71% Early Booking bookings, before returning to more modest levels in subsequent years.”

In January 2019, advance reservations were 41% of the total in this issuing market. But this year, the percentage has been 30%.


“Historically, it has not had a high percentage of advance reservations,” explains Affilired in relation to the behavior of Spanish tourists.

In January 2019, advance reservations were 36% of the total in this issuing market. This January, the percentage was 31%.

Trends for 2024

As Affilired points out, “as we move towards 2024, we can see a increase in reservation percentages Early Booking in several countries, some even exceeding the levels recorded in 2019, before the pandemic.”

“This recovery indicates a renewed confidence on the part of travelers and a gradual return to planning and advance booking habits,” concludes Affiliated.

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