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Perfect for a road trip: the 9 longest roads in the world

Friends of four-wheeled holidays will be thrilled with these routes: These routes lead across endless expanses to places of interest, past impressive natural landscapes or are so adventurous that adrenaline is guaranteed.

The rental car provider Sunny cars compiled the nine longest roads in the world and their highlights. Car enthusiasts can expect nothing less than paved expressways with dreamy views to the adventurous dirt road. These are the nine most spectacular endless roads.

1. Pan-American Highway

It is the longest road in the world: the Carretera Panamerica, which goes from Alaska to Argentina. Over 30,000 kilometres, the most diverse landscapes present themselves in front of the car window, from the frozen expanses of Alaska, to jungles and high mountains, up to the sunny backdrops of Argentina.

But obviously that’s not all: the highway system, which extends along the entire north-south extension of the double American continent and has existed since 1936, crosses a total of 17 countries, four climate zones and six time zones.

2. National Highway 1

Not as long as the Carretera Panamericano, but at 13,600 kilometers it is still one of the longest road links in the world: National Highway 1 in Australia, which runs around the entire continent. The route connects the capitals of the six states: Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

The fantastic view of the coast is certainly one of the strong points of the route. If you want to take the giant tour of the smallest continent on earth, you should have plenty of time to take in the sights along the way.

3. Trans-Canada Highway

The Trans-Canada highway system passes through ten of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories and is 8,000 kilometers long. The road was opened in 1962 and completed in 1971 and is marked by a white maple leaf on a green background.

One of the most beautiful parts of the road trip is the route from Victoria to Winnipeg, which also passes through Banff and Calgary, and the stretch that takes you from Winnipeg to Ottawa and ends with the beautiful lake areas of Quebec.

4. Trans-African Highway

“Not just one road, but an entire network: the Trans-African Highway represents the main route of a planned road network in Africa with a total length of more than 6,300 kilometers. In the future, the mega road will connect all continental states in Africa, with the exception of a few countries,” Sunny Cars describes the route.

The rental car provider praises the highway as an adventurous journey and a good way to experience the country’s diversity. We also highlight the culinary specialties that await car enthusiasts when they stop on this route.

5. US Highway 20

It winds coast to coast across the United States from east to west on the longest road in the USA, US Highway 20. In numbers that means: 5,415 kilometers of driving pleasure where you can appreciate the diversity of the country along the way. And so it has been for decades: since 1924 this highway has amazed its visitors.

The route goes from Newport City in Oregon to Boston in Massachusetts and one of the scenic spots is the section through Yellowstone National Park. And to experience that typical road trip feeling, you can’t miss a stop in a motel or restaurant along the way.

6. National Route 40 Argentina

Ruta Nacional 40 is considered the most beautiful route in South America. On the 5,224 kilometers of Argentina’s longest national road, you’ll admire stunning views of the Atlantic coast, pass through Patagonian steppe landscape, pass through wine-growing areas, and cruise along the Andes to La Quiaca at the Bolivian-Argentine border crossing.

Some sections are accessible only to off-road vehicles, which makes the road interesting for adventurous tourists. Along the way you can also experience one of the highest passable road passes in the world: the mountain pass en Abra el Acay at an altitude of approximately 4,950 meters.

7. BR-101 in Brazil

Seventh place goes to the BR-101 in Brazil. The route, also known as the Transcoastal Highway, runs 4,885 kilometers from north to south. As a link between twelve states, it is one of the most important transportation routes in the country.

Since the route always runs more or less close to the east coast, it offers fantastic views of dream beaches that invite you to take a break or stop for a swim. There are also lively and historic towns along the route. For example, Rio de Janeiro and the baroque city of Olinda, one of the oldest cities in Brazil.

8. Transamazônica in Brazil

Transamazônica is the colloquial name of the BR-230 highway in Brazil. It begins in Cabedelo on the Atlantic and currently ends in Lábrea in the Amazon. At 4,342 kilometres, the Transamazônica is also one of the longest roads in the world. Unlike its slightly longer sister BR-101, here the focus is even more on nature, as it goes deep into the rainforest.

The natural road crosses seven states and presents a wide variety of road conditions: it is mostly dirt, crosses the semi-desert Sertão, and then continues on gravel or clay paths. In the Amazon you also have to overcome tributaries of the Amazon River and the adventurous crossing of the river sometimes consists of decrepit tree trunks or rotten bridges.

9. US Route 66

It is probably the classic among road trips: Route 66. The legendary road in the USA was a highway that connected Chicago in Illinois with Los Angeles in California, a total of 3,940 kilometers. Today Route 66 can be driven largely, but no longer completely, along its original route, but it still offers a particular driving pleasure.

The 192 meter high Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, which you can take the elevator up and get a bird’s eye view of the city, the classic diner restaurants in Oklahoma City or the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona are among these countless places of interest along the route of worship.

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