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The 11 most beautiful German camping pitches directly on the water

Traveling by camper is fashionable. Campsites on the Baltic Sea or the North Sea are particularly popular. But no matter where you go on a camping holiday, you always need to rest after a long trip. So why not stop by the sea and essentially take a short break at the start or end of your holiday?

We will introduce you to some nice little car parks in Germany where you can drive when you are passing through. Some of them are even free.

1. Lower Saxony: RV park at Hohnnsensee

On the way to the Harz, the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, for example, it is ideal for a relaxing break Parking space for campers at the Hohnensee in Hildesheim. Campers can stay for two days for free and enjoy the view of the lake. Campers with a maximum length of eight meters are allowed.

A walk around the lake is possible at any time of the day. There is a restaurant for dining nearby. If you don’t necessarily want to swim in the Hohnensee, you can also have fun and refresh yourself in the adjacent JoWiese outdoor pool. Furthermore, the city center is within walking distance. Worth seeing in particular: Hildesheim Cathedral with its thousand-year-old rose garden.

However, the pitch has some small drawbacks: there is no electricity connection or fresh water supply. Furthermore, it is not possible to dispose of the toilet cassette.

2. North Rhine-Westphalia: Parking in Emssee

If you pass through Münsterland on your trip, there may be another one Detour to Emssee inside. There are 15 free parking spaces for campers, including electricity connection, fresh water supply, gray water disposal and toilet cassette disposal.

The Emssee in the town of Warendorf is nestled in a park and is considered a popular local recreation area. Walking paths, a playground and a nearby outdoor pool complete the leisure offering. Warendorf’s attractions include the historic market square, Vinnenberg Monastery, St. Bonifatius Collegiate Church, Laurentius Church and St. Mary’s Church.

3. Saxony: Podelwitz moated castle

It is located directly on the Freiberger Mulde Podelwitz moated castle. Six campers can stay in the listed castle area for up to three nights free parking. Rates apply only for services such as electricity, water and meals.

From there you can explore the city of Colditz on foot or by canoe, folding boat or dinghy on the river. There are seating areas for a picnic in the park adjacent to the castle. There you will also find the boat dock. Cyclists can too Muldental cycle path use for an exploratory tour. The best view of the Mulde or the nearby Thümmlitzwald is from the rock called Nixstein.

4. Brandenburg: wildly romantic parking by the lake

Whether it’s the Neuendorfer See, the Krummer See, the Mellensee or another of the numerous bodies of water, in the Brandenburg municipality of Am Mellensee you can choose where to go for a walk along the water. For 20 euros per night you can park your camper in a small and very romantic camper Parking at Neuendorfer Straße 16a distant. There is space for a total of two mobile homes with a length of six meters and three tents. An electricity connection and many other services are available.

During a bike tour through the landscape around Sperenberg you will discover the picturesque lakes, forests, meadows and villages of the municipality. If you don’t have a bike, it offers Local bike rental Which. A visit to the Sperenberg Church completes the stop.

5. Bavaria: Parking at Friedberger See

East of Augsburg lies the Friedberger See north of the B 300. The bathing lake in the Friedberg resort has facilities for water skiing and wakeboarding, two beach volleyball courts, a playground and a children’s pool area, large sunbathing areas and of course toilets and showers with cold water. Campers can use all of this. The corresponding one free parking you can find it on Seestrasse.

If the entertainment offer isn’t enough, you can find some culture, among other places Wittelsbach Castlemore precisely in the internal museum.

6. Baden-Württemberg: Camper park at Ehmetsklinge

If you want to refresh yourself during a long camper trip, a stop at Ehmetsklinge could be the solution. The free one Parking in Seestrasse 52 offers space for three campers. Electricity connection, fresh water supply and gray water disposal are available.

Bathing fun is guaranteed on the lake itself. If you don’t want to get wet, you can explore the lake on a pedal boat or take a walk around the lake. But in the municipality of Zaberfeld there are also many other hiking trails that will take you through Germany’s largest red wine panorama Guide.

7. Lower Saxony: RV park on Lake Salzgitter

Sure, Salzgitter doesn’t seem like the most idyllic place for a stopover, but it’s very easy to reach via the A7 or A39. And what the city itself lacks in charm, it makes up for Salzgittersee wager. A sandy beach and plenty of action-packed activities make the lake at the western end of Salzgitter-Lebenstedt an ideal place to relax. But hikers and nature lovers will also get their money’s worth here, as the lake can be walked. On the island in the middle of the lake you will find a small idyll.

THE Camper parking space will be open again from June 26, 2021, according to the request of the travel journalist from Bäder, Sport & Freizeit Salzgitter GmbH. Travelers are again warmly welcomed. Up to 20 mobile homes can park on the parking space; There is a parking fee of 5 euros per day. Electricity and fresh water are available.

8. North Rhine-Westphalia: Parking at the Lippesee

Paderborn also has a lake with many leisure activities to offer. Whether boat, canoe, SUP, surfboard or pedal boat, there are around 90 hectares on Lake Lippe watersports in the foreground. Around See there is a recreational area that can be explored along a well-developed network of cycling and hiking trails.

Along the seven kilometer long circular route there are always panoramic points with views of the lake and various recreational and sporting activities that invite you to stop.

You can rent your camper for free for up to three nights Parking at Sennelagerstraße 62 turn off. There is room for 15 campers. However, there is neither an electrical connection nor a supply of fresh water or the possibility of disposing of gray water. However, there is a little more luxury Recreational and residential park in Lippesee at Hermann-Löns-Straße 165 – but not all free.

9. Saxony-Anhalt: Mandelholz – between Königshütte and poverty

In the Upper Harz on the Brocken you can rest on the Parking at the Hotel Mandelholz do – right on the B 27. The hotel in the Elend neighborhood allows campers to park their camper in the hotel car park for up to two nights. If you want something to do after a long hike in the Harz Mountains You want to treat yourself to well-being, has the opportunity in the hotel. It also offers breakfast and bread delivery service upon request. However there is no electricity, fresh water, etc. for the camper.

If you want to do even more hiking, you can let off steam at the Mandelholz dam, as the flood protection basin is just around the corner.

10. Bremen: camper park in Lesum

In Bremen you can also find one or two parking spaces near the water. One of these is the Lesumer Switzerland camper park. Seven campers can park there for 5 euros a day. There is electricity and water and dogs are allowed. Directly opposite, in the middle of the countryside, there is a small lake and the Ihle River.

At the same time, parking is close to the city. Bremen city center can be reached in 14 minutes by Regio-S-Bahn. You can also get there quickly by bicycle. How about a visit to the famous Bremen Town Musicians? The fairy tale sculpture is located in the historic center.

11. Saarland: Mühlenweiher camper area

Are you looking to relax by the water? To the Mühlenweiler caravan park you will find it. The small car park near Kirkel-Neuhäusel with good motorway connections is located directly on a public lake. Here you can also find showers, washing cabins and numerous connections for your camper. Best thing: Diving back into the water after the day trip – no problem.

On one side of the bank you can sit and relax on the grass, on the other side a diving board offers action above and below the water’s edge. There is also a playground. The deciduous trees around the lake provide sufficient shade during the day.

You can find many other car parks here Parking information as well as Camping.info.

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