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Protect your accounts and data online with the YubiKey 5 USB security key

It offers a secure connection to the internet, computers and networks, defense against ‘phishing’ and you can take it anywhere

Yubico has designed tamper-proof security keys. COURTESY OF AMAZON.

It is very important to protect all our online accounts to prevent the theft of valuable information and data.

Modern threats like phishing require modern security, and that’s where USB security keys come into play.

What is a USB security key?

One of the most important basic online security measures right now is two-step verification to prevent your account from being stolen.

This involves using your username or email address and a password to gain access, and you’ll then be asked for a second verification (usually involving entering a code) via SMS or email to prove it’s you.

In this sense, USB security keys are a method that will make two-step verification or identification much easier. Because? Because you connect the USB to the computer and this is what authenticates you.

YubiKey 5: the most secure USB security key

The company Yubico has developed Yubikeys, USB security keys that stand out as being very secure as they support various authentication protocols and work with any technology.

In this sense, the user no longer needs to open the application on his phone or computer and identify himself, because all he has to do is touch the Yubikey 5 for verification. Quick and easy!

This physical device is available on Amazon and Average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 19,100 reviews.

YubiKey 5: the most secure USB security key.
YubiKey 5: the most secure USB security key.

USB-A and mobile compatible

The Yubikey 5 security key uses U2F (Universal 2nd Factor), a two-step authentication standard created for USB drives or NFC chips. This protocol is accepted by Google, Dropbox, Facebook or Opera, among others.

Thus, this USB security key developed by Yubico is compatible with USB-A and NFC ports. With the latter, you can also get contact-based authentication for NFC-compatible Android and iOS devices.

Another advantage is that the YubiKey 5 does not require batteries or a network connection to operate, ensuring authentication is always available.

USB security key.
USB security key.

Durable, safe and easy to carry

It offers a secure connection to the internet, computers and networks, eliminating interference and providing a strong defense against ‘phishing’. Additionally, it offers password-free access and strong two-factor and multi-factor authentication.

It is durable (waterproof and bend-proof), very safe and best of all, very easy to transport. You can easily carry this security key anywhere, even on your keychain along with your house keys.

Yubico USB security key.
Yubico USB security key.

Disadvantages of USB security keys

It is recommended to purchase two USB security keys as we will have a spare key in case it is lost or stolen. Two security keys must be preconfigured. This may take some time, but it’s a great solution in the long run.

*All purchase prices in this article are current as of February 19, 2024.

(If you are a user, remember: Amazon PrimeThere is free shipping on all purchases. Amazon offers a free, no-obligation trial period for 30 days.)

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