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A cat died on a plane flying to Turkey from Moscow

In the cabin of a plane flying from Moscow to Turkey, died
a cat sitting in a carrier under a chair. According to her owners, the reason was the high temperature on board.

On June 1 in the afternoon, a Muscovite family with a child and a cat, Marusya, went to Antalya from Vnukovo airport on Utair airline flight UT 783. The animal’s flight was completed in accordance with all the rules, including the owners preparing the necessary certificates about the state of its health.

“Already during landing, the plane cabin was stuffy, the air conditioning was very weak,” the tourist said. The cat’s owners placed the carrier near the aisle, but the flight attendant reprimanded them and said that it should be in the back under the seat. The passengers obeyed.

After some time, Marusya began to panic. The owner decided that she did not have enough air and wanted to take her out of the bag. However, according to her, the flight attendants did not allow this because of possible complaints from other passengers. “When we cried for help, no one helped us to save her. The flight attendants did not respond to numerous requests; they didn’t care.”

As a result, the pet did not reach Antalya alive. The owners believe that the temperature in the cabin was clearly violated: “So much so that the child overheated and his temperature rose.”

After landing in Turkey, the dead animal was taken away by Antalya airport staff. Tourists are planning to file a claim with the airline.

Discussing the situation, subscribers to the telegram channel “Roof of TourDom” note that since there were no complaints from other passengers, the cat was most likely already unwell. “A healthy pet is unlikely to die on an airplane; there is enough air for everyone there.” “Cats can withstand heat better than people, there are clearly not all the details here.” “Perhaps I got stress from the flight. Why bring an animal on a plane?” – some ask.

Previously, TourDom.ru reported about the death of cats and dogs in the luggage compartment of an airplane; such cases are not uncommon. For example, in May, a dead pug was found on a plane arriving at Sheremetyevo from Yakutsk. The name of the airline was not disclosed.

The editors sent a request to UtAir airline, but no response has yet been received.

Source: Tourdom



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