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A couple of tourists in Phuket did not pay at a restaurant

The scandalous story is being discussed on social networks associated with Thailand. A guy and a girl had dinner at a restaurant in Phuket, and when they received the bill, they decided not to pay it. Having created a scandal that they allegedly gave away the money, the foreigners left the establishment. However, after the release of compromising video from a surveillance camera, the situation changed, and the young man admitted to deception.

The incident occurred on the evening of March 27 at the Georgian restaurant Georgia, located in the resort area of ​​Patong Beach. The published video shows that the young man carefully examines the bill brought to him. Having taken out several bills, he wanted to put one of them in the checkbook, but then, after consulting with his girlfriend, he changed his mind and returned all the money to his pocket. In response to the waitress’s remark that she had not received payment for the order, he said that he had left the money next to the check, and, they say, leave me alone.

Then the Phuket Times published a video report on the development of events on its page on social networks. Having learned from public pages that all his unseemly manipulations had been recorded, and realizing that it would not be difficult for the police to find him, the deceiver reappeared at the restaurant to pay the bill. This time he admitted on camera that he regretted his action and asked for forgiveness. He explained the reason for his behavior by clouding his mind. Repentance in Russian allowed the media to assume that they were Russians.

After the video was published, there was a flurry of angry comments in public pages. From “find and severely punish” to “cancel your visa and permanently ban you from entering Thailand.” Someone suggested that, judging by their confident actions, these would-be tourists could do similar things in other places. And the shortage in such cases was covered by the waiters from their salaries.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that Italian tourists ran away from a restaurant in Albania, without paying 80 euros – the Prime Minister of Italy, having learned about the embarrassment, ordered to cover their debt at the expense of the state. In Thailand, foreigners began to give more preference to street food and affordable coffee shops.

Source: Tourdom



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