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A criminal case was opened against a Russian in Thailand after a conflict with a local resident

A Russian tourist vacationing in Phuket found himself involved in a criminal case due to a conflict with a local resident. This did not stop him from flying home, but the man is ready to return to Thailand and be punished for his crime.

How told victim, the incident itself occurred on May 29 in the middle of the day. The woman was in her husband’s car in the passenger seat. The couple stopped at one of the intersections, waiting for the traffic light to clear. However, they soon heard insistent beeps behind them – in the next car there was a Russian tourist.

As a result, the man drove around the car with the married couple and stopped just opposite the passenger. The Russian rolled down the window, asked the woman to do the same, began to insult her, and then even spat at her and tried to hit her. The frightened victim managed to raise the window, and the tourist returned to the car and drove away. The husband tried to catch up with him, but to no avail. The couple didn’t just let it go and went to the police to file a statement.

Let us note that it took law enforcement agencies time to establish the identity of the attacker. By the time he was identified, he had already returned to his homeland. Nevertheless, the police contacted the tourist and asked for an explanation of the situation. The man did not deny it and hired a lawyer, who came to the station and testified on behalf of the citizen of the Russian Federation and apologized to the woman.

Moreover, the Russian called the victim via video link to once again ask for forgiveness for his behavior in the presence of the police. He also said that he would come to Thailand again in the fall and personally appear before law enforcement officers, as he was ready to suffer a well-deserved punishment. At the same time, a case has now been opened against the man under two articles of the local Criminal Code: threat of physical violence – up to 2 years in prison or a fine of up to 40 thousand baht (about 100 thousand rubles), insult – up to a month in prison or a fine of 10 thousand baht (about 25 thousand rubles).

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