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A doctor on a plane saved a passenger who took his pills with alcohol

Oncologist saved a passenger who became ill during a flight from Surgut to St. Petersburg. The guy was very afraid of flying, and decided to fight aerophobia with the help of medications. He first took sedative pills and then washed them down with alcohol.

The body did not react as the passenger had planned. His skin turned white, cold sweat appeared, and then the guy fainted. Airline employees began looking for a doctor on board to help the passenger.

Luckily for him, Dr. Svetlana Nefedova was flying on the same plane. She provided first aid to the victim and monitored him until the end of the flight. Thanks to this, we managed to avoid an emergency landing. At the airport, an ambulance was already waiting for the patient.

Svetlana advises other tourists to drink water instead of alcohol on the plane, and to have a light meal a couple of hours before departure.

TourDom.ru previously wrote that a doctor helped a tourist who broke his leg during a flight due to turbulence. Due to the lack of medicine, the man had to endure pain throughout the flight.

Source: Tourdom



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