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A financial analyst told us what ruble to dollar exchange rate tourists can get by summer

With spring approaching, tourists planning a foreign holiday are wondering: should they pay for tours in advance or closer to departure? Many people monitor the dynamics of exchange rates and try to understand whether to expect the ruble to strengthen against the dollar or, conversely, to weaken. The editors of TourDom.ru found out what experts think about this and how to interpret financial news.

At its meeting on February 16, the Bank of Russia kept the key rate at the same level, 16%. As financiers explain, the relationship between the rate and the ruble exchange rate is only indirect. The exchange rate dynamics are influenced to a much greater extent by the sales volumes of foreign currency earnings.

The Central Bank today once again spoke out against extending after April 30 the obligation of the 43 largest exporters to credit at least 80% of proceeds from foreign trade operations to accounts in Russia and sell 90% of these funds on the stock exchange. On the other hand, the Government of the Russian Federation is in favor of extending the mandatory sale.

Despite the ongoing economic uncertainty, Finam Group analyst Yaroslav Kabakov does not see any serious threats to the ruble in the short term. “In the near future, the exchange rate is unlikely to deviate much from the values ​​of 90–91 rubles. per dollar,” he says.

As for the longer-term forecast – for the summer season, which is when tourists actively travel abroad, much will depend on the situation on world markets, says the expert: “We can see both a slight strengthening of the ruble against the main world currencies, and its weakening. In any case, the Central Bank will try to keep the ruble below 100 rubles. per US dollar.”

The cost of tours and air tickets abroad largely depends on exchange rates, although this is not the only factor influencing prices. The fall of the ruble directly affects the spending of tourists abroad. In addition, exchange rate dynamics affect the activity of early bookings. Depending on it, clients of travel companies either rush to pay for trips abroad in advance at current currency rates or, on the contrary, wait for a more favorable price for the dollar and euro.

Previously, we wrote about the increase in demand for holidays in Turkey and the desire of tourists to take advantage of early booking promotions at Turkish hotels. According to tour operators and hoteliers, this is due to the fact that Russians are trying to eliminate currency risks and pay for their vacation at the current exchange rate.

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