In Spain, more and more is taken into account Portugal as a potential holiday destination facing the summer, and the Portuguese country has experienced a notable tourist growth in recent years. If some time ago the Algarve was the main focus in this sense, now there are many other places that receive multitudes of people in the summer, although there are still many coastal places who are great unknowns.

Many kilometers from the Algarve and the cities of Albufeira and Faro is one of the most spectacular beach destinations in all of Portugal: the island of Baleal. Located in the west of the country, this tiny islet is a true paradise in which to enjoy a few days of relaxation on the shores of the Atlantic, and being a hidden gem, it is not almost crowded in summer.

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The island of Baleal, almost uninhabited

Baleal beach
Baleal beach

Located right next to the spectacular town of Peniche, This islet is connected to the Iberian Peninsula by a beautiful sand pit that makes this place an impressive enclave. Its testimonial population (it only has two registered inhabitants) It is another incentive for those looking to relax in the summer and get away from the most crowded tourist destinations.

The white sand beaches that surround this islet are almost paradisiacal, while the rock structures Sloped slopes formed along the entire coastal contour of the island give the landscape unique characteristics throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Of course, if you are a lover of the warm waters of the Mediterranean, perhaps this destination is not ideal for you, since it is completely open to the Atlantic, so the temperature of the ocean It usually does not exceed 17ºC.

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Surfer’s paradise

The geography of the area makes the island of Baleal one of the most favorable destinations in all of Portugal. to surf, since the waves that reach the beaches are very favorable for this sport; In fact, it was there that the first school in the region, and today thousands of fans visit these beaches every year to spend a few hours in the ocean. Therefore, whether you are a water lover or looking for a few days of maximum relaxation, this islet is one of the best options you can find in all of Portugal.

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