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A man “mined” the luggage of his pregnant wife flying out of Russia

The departure of a Ural Airlines plane in Pulkovo was delayed for several hours due to a search for a suspicious object with which a terrorist attack was being prepared. A certain man reported its presence in the luggage of his own pregnant wife, who in such a strange way decided to disrupt her return to her parents in Tajikistan. The woman spoke about her plans over the phone before the flight.

How writes telegram channel SHOT, an alarm call was received at the airport call center at about 2 am. 148 passengers and 9 crew members were evacuated from the board. The plane and all the luggage were inspected by dog ​​handlers, but no suspicious items were found.

The trick didn’t work. The wife eventually flew away anyway at about 8 am after the crew was changed. And the competent authorities are looking for the man himself because of one call. He may face up to 3 years of restriction of freedom under a criminal article.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that the passenger joked about a bomb in order to skip the line through pre-flight inspection at Pulkovo.

Source: Tourdom



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