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A new Turkish hotel disappointed a tourist: are the claims fair?

Today in the first half of the day, photos and videos from a Russian tourist who arrived at the new Turkish hotel Liberty Signa 5* in the resort of Fethiye appeared in one of the chats. Let us remind you that on June 10, the complex announced its opening after a ten-day delay.

Judging by the published footage and short, meager messages from Olga, the hotel shocked her by its unpreparedness to receive guests. Construction work continues in public spaces and on the grounds, and furniture is partially missing in the rooms.




The tourist refused to share with the TourDom.ru correspondent the details of the hot pursuit, citing the fact that “she still cannot come to her senses and calm down from what she saw.” She only explained, again without details, that she had decided to refuse check-in.

We did not find any other reports on the unpreparedness of the hotel from guests who arrived for the first check-in on social networks on June 10. However, in the comments to a post on the topic in the tg channel “Roof of TourDom,” one of the eyewitnesses, vacationing at the nearby Liberty Fabay 5* hotel, wrote: “We are watching Signa and are shocked how people can be accommodated there. There, construction is in full swing, there are a lot of workers, garbage, construction equipment driving around. On the beach they just stuck umbrellas and put out sunbeds without mattresses.”

A representative of Liberty Signa confirmed to the TourDom.ru portal that today the hotel received its first guests and did not comment on the tourist’s posts.

In unofficial hotel groups on a social network banned in the Russian Federation, colorful photo reports have been published since yesterday, judging by which the hotel is in full readiness.




The kitchen is also ready to please guests, which, by the way, is confirmed by the Russian tourist. “We were in the restaurant, it wasn’t bad,” she added a note of positivity to her report.

For the upcoming dates, tours to Liberty Signa 5* are on sale from some tour operators, but major players in Turkey prefer to offer this new hotel for arrival dates from July 1st. Obviously, they assume that within three weeks the hotel will be able to bring the entire infrastructure into proper readiness to receive guests.

One way or another, tourists booking new hotel products should take into account that the first time after opening they may not meet their expectations due to incomplete work and limited access to all declared services.

Previously, we wrote that the Ethno Belek hotel should begin accepting vacationers from tomorrow, June 11.

Source: Tourdom



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